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  1. Halloween Quest on Fairbank

    Have anyone been able to drop Toad Blood, Crystal Ball or Coyote heart? I have done 150 15 sec jobs on the different jobs now with no drop, I know its not an instant drop but still, Yes quest is accepted. Just want to check before I spend another 150 energy on a bugged quest.
  2. Bounty Protection

    What a joke One of things I hate about The West is the dueling, most worlds I am townless because of that, I am a lover and not a fighter. Why protect someone from me placing a hefty bounty on them because they duel me every 3-4 hours? I understand dueling is of the game but the bounty is...
  3. Level 600 Crafting Change

    Idea title: Level 600 Crafting Change Details of idea: Remove the cool down period on level 600 recipes, change it so the repeatable quest has 4 weeks before it can be repeated Reasons for submitting: Taking 3 weeks to craft the 4 canned beans to be able to craft hottest chili is a big let...
  4. Easter Quest When Fixed

    When will this quest that is bugged and obviously not tested be fixed? On Tuesday when devs are back in the office?
  5. Crafting Level 600 What do you think about this?

    So I finally made it to 600 after months and months of hard work and a lot of money spent both ingame cash and nuggets and I see this that I have to wait 1 week inbetween crafting each of the canned beans. I understand the need for limiting the number of weapons but wouldn't it have been better...
  6. Colorado Unavailable

    For the last 30-40 minutes when trying to log in to Colorado I get an error saying the world is unavailable. Latest Chrome and no issues with AZ and CO
  7. Crafting Why Keep Changing the recipes?

    Changed again! Level 600 for Field cook changed so no more 25 baked beans but instead 35 beans great now I can't use my 70 baked beans for anything! AND 2 more steel so 10 is needed instead of 8! Field Cook is by far the most difficult recipe to get from 500 to 600 already with requirements of...
  8. .Asia Server anyone else for it?

    I assume there are a few Asian based players playing .net since the time difference for fort battles are better than the native Euro servers. I used to play .dk but with a time difference of 5-6 hours the battles always happened in the middle of the night so no chance for me to participate with...
  9. Update Bug

    When doing something you do not have enough energy for you get the old error message saying you need X energy points instead of the new prompt asking if you want to spend nuggets. Latest chrome, not seeing it on other worlds and all that.
  10. Bounty Protection

    What? "The player has a bounty protection. Ends: 9 Mar 12 10:53 AM" I am pretty sure he is just 12-24 hours out of the bounty dead I put on him so that means 2 weeks protection? How does this work? one I place one on him I can not do it again for 2 weeks? That is BS. This is whats happening...
  11. UPB Achievement

    In-game name: (If different to your forum username.) Affected worlds: 13 (ingame name Spaceydk) Browser: Chrome 17.0.963.56 m Type of Bug: Other Description: UPB Achivement does not trigger. Hard work pays off 25 Complete 4 daily activities 4 / 4 (100%) Reward: 1 Bond It is still greyed out...
  12. Update 1.35 give it a chance.

    When it cam out on Beta I hated everything about it, scripts did not work, messy market and tons of other issues but devs listened and changed things for the better. What I like. The market, you can put 50 whiskey on the market for $100 each or $5000 total for all $100, so basically the same as...
  13. Achievement / Report mismatch

    In-game name: SpaceyDK Affected worlds: Arizona Type of Bug: Other Description: Under Achievements tab it says 190 for War Hero (winning 50 battles) but the report says 90 points Achievement 'War hero' gained. report from Arizona
  14. Resolved Recipe Drop Question

    Is recipes a separate drop? or is this a bug? I got a Gentleman's Dinner recipe and precise Colt Buntline in the same drop on Colorado: Job report: Work as a traveling merchant
  15. Crafting

    JoxerTM suggested this Thread Crafting 101 – Doing it solo I started out alone and made it to 430 points before joining a town, it took me 4.5 months and I still did the quests, got the golden saber and golden gun. This is how I would do it if I have to do it again. This is for premium Energy...
  16. Gentleman Dinners

    How much would you be willing to pay for a Gentleman's Dinner on Arizona? Just taking a survey for a friend :cool:
  17. Dear InnoGames

    I all ready made it clear I did not want to vote in the wanted poster contest but you still bring a pop up with a different topic with a link that is easy to miss for a survey and with a huge banner for your wanted poster thingy! Between .DK and .Net I spent more than 10K nuggets (lowest...
  18. Red Skill Points? Getting negative skills from clothes?

    Any idea what happened here? Is it a bug or am I missing something? I am 10 Charisma short it seems! Negative Charisma Without Bonus With another set With no clothes
  19. German Language on Colorado

    When reaching Level 5 and the character screen pops up to use the new avatar the language is in German.
  20. Resolved Level 70 weapon on Level 65 Character how?

    How is this possible? He is a soldier but he should still be level 67 to have the Golden Colt right?