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  1. Friends list

    I'm wondering if inno could make our friends list larger? With the recent influx of new migrating members, i find myself having to remove old time friends from other alliances just to add new townies. Could it be made to hold 200?
  2. script for town shops

    is there a script for the town shops where for instance you can go to your tailor and buy 300 grey rags without clicking 300 times. Something like a little box where you can put the amount of items that you want to buy and just click once to get them all? thank you
  3. holiday set

    Does anyone at all know how to get these items from this set? i have all but 2 items and it seems like now would be the time to complete this set. [item=50008000] [item=50007000]
  4. christmas quest at ghost town

    Hi, does anyone have a link to the christmas quest that the ghost town gives? ty
  5. west point

    WEST POINT whats the next step? is it bugged?
  6. st patricks day

    Are there any quests for st patrick's day? I remember something about all the green cloths. Can some one refresh my memory about this? thanks
  7. Gold/silver job scripts

    How can i find out if i have Gold/silver job scripts accidentally installed or not? I just wanna make sure that i don't get banned. I have The West - Connection booster, The West - Item Set Manager, The West - Quick items search, The West - Skills Calc, The West - Cloth Calc [e...
  8. The Treasure bug

    I went to finish the quest the treasure and the last part the celebration requires you to have indian clothing equipped and i upgraded some of my indian clothes and it wont give me the quest. I had to re buy non upgraded clothes to bring up the quest and it cost me $40000 extra dollars to...