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  1. Make all of the outlaw set auctionable

    Proposal Make all of the outlaw set auctionable. Current Workaround Not have an outlaw rifle, ever. Details Make all of the outlaw set auctionable. Abuse Prevention ... Visual Aids Just picture hovering your mouse over the outlaw gear, and it has the little bit of text on it that says...
  2. Can't use halve waytime I get that error message when i try to use halve waytime. I have enough nuggets. Also, when i attempted to access the premium log, i get this: and I'm logged out. Any ideas?
  3. Bug with upgraded gear in Adventures

    I have a level 4 precise single shot rifle. It has a minimum damage of 308 on a snake shot (280 + 280*.1), but... i landed a shot for 304. Is it possible the gun's being miscalculated?
  4. Name the next dueling tombola set "Roland Deschain's" gun/etc

    Details of idea: As the title says. Next time a new best dueling set comes out, name it the Roland Deschain set. Reasons for submitting: We already jacked the entire plot of django unchained, why not use a much better storyline to serve as the base of a set named after a legendary...
  5. Roadmap 2015 Q1

    Q1: Duel system improvements Is not duelling the essence of The West? And because we know you just love duels we decided it is about time to make some duel system improvements. The duelling levels will be capped at four hundred and fifty. When you lose a duel one third of the duel experience...
  6. Firefox's memory leak and the west

    Lately, I have noticed that firefox becomes very unstable(goes unresponsive every few seconds, and sometimes freezes completely) if you leave it open for a long time. This is much more pronounced when using the-west, as it uses much more memory. I run tw-db's clothcalc, halcon's buff script...
  7. Fort Costs

    Has anyone got a list of the materials it takes to completely build a fort from a certain level? I know actual construction costs vary, but at least a list of the unlock costs would be very useful.
  8. Adventures need fixing

    Proposal There are currently some severe flaws with adventures. 1: Red players always move first. This clearly needs to be changed to a classic queuing system. 2:Auto match up is determined solely by level. This causes ridiculous matchups. Changing the system to include solely health and...
  9. Day of the dead

    What's in that 5th tier chest, the b-team weapons?
  10. Adventures not registering players on flag We'd outnumbered them for several rounds without gaining territory, and vice versa. Seems to not be registering players being on the flag.
  11. Graphics bug for adventures statistics screen Doesn't seem to handle long names very well. Needs some sort of auto-truncate feature. Edit: And sometimes, it just does this :D
  12. Large discrepancy in resistance values

    I noticed this while testing targeting in a fort maneuver practice. This is what i see: This is what he sees: Clearly, something is off here.
  13. Duel reports are in wrong category

    When you perform a duel, if the duel is a success( whether you lose or win, i mean if the duel actually happens) it is visible in the "duels" category of the reports. If the player was sleeping, left town, etc, it does not appear in the duels category, only in the "all" category.
  14. Quest not showing up in quest giver

    I can see the treasure-cleanup quest in my quest book, but cannot see it in the waupee's indian village quest giver screen.
  15. 2014 Roadmap

    Diggo11 just posted this in the beta forums. "Howdy! We promised to show you the roadmap for 2014 as soon as possible and finally we're done and proud to present to you the results of all our planning. We are posting the roadmap instead...
  16. Make the page number in the sheriff editable.

    Idea title: Add an editable value button in the sheriff, and a toggle switch to show only bounties within your duel range. Details of idea: Currently you have to manually scroll through every page of bounties. This idea would change that to a clickable box where you can enter your own value...
  17. What the zombies really want: Candied oranges, of course!
  18. Censorship on Radio Stations

    The song Money for Nothing was recently banned on canadian radio stations. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council declared that it was "too offensive for Canadian airwaves. " The song contains lyrics that contain what are today considered homophobic slurs, albeit in a humorous fashion, not...
  19. Overachievers Volume 3!

    This is a leaderboard of the highest achievement points of .net and international players. Please do not post beta accounts. International records are certainly alright, as long as they are not beta accounts. All accounts above 20,000 achievement points will be listed as they are posted in this...
  20. Add a report when a player joins via blackboard

    Idea title: Add a report when a player joins your town via blackboard. Details of idea: When a player joins your town, you get a report, much like the current one saying " Such and such has accepted the invitation to join your town!", but it would say something like "Such and such has joined...