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  1. Classic West minutiae - help!

    There was also wanderer woman.
  2. Quest: Check the Ranch (A Western Nightmare)

    I sent in a ticket a couple of days ago about not being able to access Check The Ranch quest and I am still not able to access this quest. What is current status? This is a repeatable quest for me. Thanks
  3. Indian Quest Contest

    When will the winning quest from the Indian Quest contest be in the game? Thanks aaa-van
  4. New World Name Suggestions!

    Fort Macleod - it was founded as North West Mounted barracks (RCMP) in 1874. It is in south west Alberta, Canada.
  5. Valentines day event 2015

    After midnight local time, I ran the picking berries job with no success. aaa-van
  6. Valentines day event 2015

    I am having the same problem. I am running 15 second picking berries job and the bouquets are not dropping. Is there a special step or specific item that needs to be equipped for the bouquets to drop? Thanks
  7. Resolved Informal Dueling Competitions

    What are the rules for town level dueling competitions and the prizes that can be given without breaking the game rules? how much can be awarded? how can prizes be awarded without breaking the pushing rule? Thank You.
  8. Resolved Towel

    I notice there is an achievement under events called Towel Collection. How does a player gather 5 towels? Thank You
  9. Cannot Log Into World 12

    I cannot login to my account on world 12 but I can log in to my account on Colorado. Is there any reason world 12 server is down? Thank You.
  10. Resolved Habanero Chili

    Where do I find a Habanero Chili? According to they are needed for a field cook level 600 recipe. Thanks.
  11. Market

    I want to make one point clearer. $279 was deposited into the town treasury for sale of the item. The money has already been paid out. Instead of it going to bank account it went to the town treasury instead. Was this item actually sold? if so, how is the buyer able to pick up the item...
  12. Market

    This is the message from the bank. I set the item to be on sale for one week. On 03/16/11 at 10:22 PM $ 279 received because of the sale of an item. This is message from the market under sale offers. $ 300 $ 275 00:00:34 Sold in the last column is the icon and message Pick Up Item...
  13. Market

    I play on World 3. I am able to pick up an item that I have sold on the market two weeks ago. The money received from the sale from this item is deposited into my bank account. On March 16, I sold another item on the market, the money from the sale were deposited into the town treasury...
  14. Tickets System/Market

  15. Tickets System/Market

    I play on World 3. I have found 2 problems. The town fort says that I have $14,653 available for building the fort. The town bank balance says bank balance is $11,487. I clicked the settings, support menu and was planning on writing a ticket. The problem is there is no box that pops up...
  16. What is the difference between Legend and BITW alliances?

    What is the difference between Legend and BITW alliances?
  17. Market Trading

    This request is filled. Thanks again. aaa-van
  18. Market Trading

    Hello Currently, I am looking for fancy boots. Please send me a message or telegram. Thanks. aaa-van
  19. The Meadow

    I would appreciate if someone could send me a private pm or in-game telegram regarding the Forest Meadow quest. I cannot work out how to start the quest series. I find it confusing is it for the Golden Colt or the promise made to the dancer that the umbrella would be laid on Robert' grave? Or...
  20. Error: 500 An unexpected error occurred!

    When I logged into the game five minutes ago, I received Unexpected Error:Error 500 message. I returned to the login page and am able to log into the game.