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  1. Performance-Enhancing Drugs Olympics

    I wouldn't worry too much about chemicals if they had a short effect but I'd worry about advancement in genetic engineering which is far more serious imo due to it in plants currently and possibility of moving on to try making super humans or soldiers and that is worse since the environment is a...
  2. Chemical Weapons In Syria

    Actually, genocide is believed to have taken part from the regime. UN isn't saying that I think though its otherwise, so its mostly Sunni versus alawite but with Shiite support and Hezbollah is and always had been an ally of Iran so that means that any weapons are originally from Iran is a...
  3. Chemical Weapons In Syria

    Building ties is what they think they are doing but imo they have a bad ally which would go along with whomever has there support which means, if your an ally today, you might be an enemy in the other minute. But I ain't sure who made Muslim brotherhood due to too much misleading media, etc...
  4. Chemical Weapons In Syria

    Well, if U.S. backs Israel attack onto Syria, its okay for Kuwait, but if it was Iran, Kuwait had already been threatened with war due to US army bases in Kuwait.
  5. Resolved skill shooting

    Or you can try to figure out by yourself if you think your a good mathematician. As duduie stated,it simply increases by shooting but for max weapons, they have a few luck into it.
  6. Resolved skill shooting

    Shooting increases damage but not too much nor too little. I think you are doing a nice damage, level up with bigger dueling weapon and you can do better, some range dueling weapons are maxi damage which means it hits high sometimes, it hits low on others.
  7. Gun Control
  8. Gun Control

    Hot coffee, a documentary film about tort reforms. Do you really need a source, so how about a documentary? Its actually not only seizing power but also making a monopoly.
  9. Fort fight button greyed out?

    I thought you needed to finish some tutorials and quests and I'll go red if your in a town.
  10. Ways of getting money for pure HP tanks.

    It depends on supply and demand, check market and see if its easy to get but has a high demand and low supply which usually be exploited by players.
  11. Gun Control

    I think gun control might be a new exploitation in order to remove the possibility of a civil war due to the imbalance between poor people and rich people where the rich keeps getting richer, the poor keeps getting poorer, as well the uneven justice system between consumers and large...
  12. Chemical Weapons In Syria

    Due to all the bias happened in the past, I don't know what to believe now except that whoever has cash is the one who is in power not the puppets. The Iraqi invasion on Kuwait wasn't due to trying to take over but it happened due to some other foreign influence, as the same as the Arab spring...
  13. Chemical Weapons In Syria

    I'd say it is all lies and bias!~ :P Just like the Iraqi so called Chemical weapons or maybe it was moved to Syria or Iran........ Than that would be seriously confusing if it was into Iran :blink:(due to the Iraqi and Iranian war which broke out previously)
  14. Market

    It would be if someone knew about it specifically, the mods due to too many players I'd be surprised if there was a search button ;) It wasn't a bug, it was a mistake.
  15. Resolved Set and avatar personalized

    I thought it was upon friendship points, if its not, than its upto the community manager
  16. Market

    Or that one timer oopsie add to upb shop ;) always wondered if anyone snatched it :D
  17. Golden Gun

    Congrats, Imo gg is harder than that watch.
  18. Respond only with questions

    what happened?
  19. Funny Pic Thread LOL Don't be too handsome or sexy, or I'll throw you out of the festival :P.
  20. Premium chest

    They don't drop.