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  1. Looking for a Town

    Looking for an active town to join Im looking to join an active town....I am currently at lvl 20 and I will either be a builder or an explorer (whatever the town desperately needs me to be).. Please send me a message in game.. My character name is JimFromSales. Thanks
  2. Cripple Creek 2 Spots open

    Cripple Creek has 2 open spots for thi sfast growing town in world 3. We just cracked the top 80 towns and growing fast. There is a great mix of players with a strong base of builders. We are looking for active players who are looking to hang their hat in a friendly, NO ROTATION town...
  3. Criple creek - open

    Just Bumbping this up...we have room for 6 new members and we are expanding rapidly. This is a NO ROTATION will always have a place to hang your hat.
  4. Criple creek - open

    Hey all Cripple Creek has room for 5 more townfolk to join a growing city. Please send me a telegram if interested in joining and Ill send you the invite.
  5. Cripple creek -open

    Cripple Creek town has openings for 3 new members. We have the following: Residence lvl 3 Hotel almost to lvl 2 Tailor, Gen Store, Mortician and Gunsmith all lvl 1 Looking for active members to join a fun NON ROTATION town. Send me a telegram in game and include your character...
  6. Cripple creek open

    3 more spots open preferrably for builders or duelers...send me a telegram in game and Ill send you an invite
  7. Cripple creek open

    Established town has room for 5 additional members..please send me a telegram if you are an active player who is willing to pitch in and help build up this old west city...we welcome all types of players
  8. Are you looking for a place to hang your hat??

    Cripple Creek welcomes anyone looking for a place to call home. We are a new town that is looking for some active citizens to help build us into a booming old west town. If interested please send me a message and Ill get an invite out to you quickly. We welcome all class of players from new...
  9. New Town Needing Members!!

    If you are a new player looking to join a upstart town, please send me a telegram and Ill mail you an invite to the new town Cripple Creek USA!. I look forward to building a old west booming town. JimFromSales