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  1. Website - English support

    There is no reason to be hesitant to change the code. The worst thing you can do (assuming a modicum of common sense - I can't help you if you throw your pc off your desk) is make the script non-functional. In which case you can remove it and reinstall it, which takes a few clicks.
  2. Website - English support

    Done If you just copy the entire contents of the script into some text editor, you can ctrl+f to find the line to be replaced. And then just paste the new code in there. Indentation and newlines are optional in JavaScript. Alternatively, you can copy the script's contents and use some kind of...
  3. Website - English support

    Clothcalc's server side, for some reason, really does not enjoy the Patriot's weapons, Pearl weapons or the three American Army weapons. You can "patch" it by, around line 7850 (if editing in Greasemonkey), changing: f += '<input style="display:none" type="text" name="items" value=\'' +...
  4. Octoberfest

    Bonuses of the individual parts are already visible on the beta worlds. Check my profile on Enewetak for a complete list. Shame that tw-db doesn´t show new sets anymore, until their release... :(