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  1. Eastwood's poncho gone?!

    This happened to me and another player of my town in Fairbank - Eastwood's poncho, which I got today in a free duel, suddenly disappeared from my inventory. Any explanation for this?
  2. Adventures: Minimum lvl. to take part + an idea

    It should only be possible to start in an adventure from a certain lvl. on. It makes no sense and destroys the game for the others when you have lvls. <10 in your team. Many even don't have a gun and/or are just inactive, do nothing. When I see such a player I leave adventures by now. It would...
  3. Xmas quest gone?

    The repeatable holiday quest (xmas) from Henry (lvl. 15 / 2nd to A holiday spook (Happy Holidays, Henry Walker!) is not longer available at the ghost town. In it's said this quest can be made until 06.01.. That's why I didn't hurry to finish it. Is this a bug? ( I really hope so)...
  4. Xmas bags

    I already heard many asking about xmas-bags. Will they come this year too and, if so, when? Or is this a secret? ;)
  5. Xp bar shows doesn't show xp anymore

    Does anybody know how I can re-change this bar (above the 'Shop' - button) that actually shows how many xp points one has? I clicked in 'achievements' on something and now this bar shows me how many % are still missing until I reach the achievement 'I'm used to this' but I want to see my xp...
  6. Town founding only from a certain lvl. on

    Hello, my proposal is that it should only be possible to found new- or overtake ghost-towns from a certain lvl. (maybe 30) on. I see so many low lvls. (some even below lvl. 10) that live alone in a town with <1.000 construction-points. These players don't have a chance to build their town...
  7. Indian rite necklace

    I just bought this item and hoped to get full hp and energy after a ff-ko. Bought when I click on it it's just in my product slot and has no effect. How does this thing work?
  8. Valhalla Rising

    xxx Can be deleted.
  9. Resolved The item's auction price is too low?!

    Hi, I tried to sell Drake's muzzleloader to a member of my town for 1.900$ (purchase pr. 3.580$, sales pr. 1.790$). But that wasn't possible, it said: The item's auction price is too low. Why that?
  10. Problem since Firefox 4.0

    Hi, since I installed the new FF 4.0 yesterday I can't answer to mails (the answering-window on the right side is gone) and I can't see the inventory of other players (only the grey symbols). I checked NoScript, Greasemonkey and Adblock Plus - couldn't find an errror there. But I saw Direct2D...
  11. Looking for builders > lvl. 70

    Looking for builders > lvl. 60 For the final 3 lvls. of our gun smith we need experienced builders. You may stay in town for ever or just as long as the building takes, you are welcome in any case :) There's enough money in the town treasury. If you want to help us please write ingame to me...
  12. Memphis needs you

    We are 9 - ACTIVE - people in Memphis now and we are looking forward to everyone who wants to join us :) Town has >31.000 points; town hall, tailor, general store and hotel are finished, gun smith at lvl. 12. There are no taxes, but surely donations to the town treasury are welcome - everybody...
  13. Building bug (?)

    I just built lvl. 9 of the gunsmith, but there are no new items in it now :( Is that a bug or normal not to get new stuff then?