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  1. Laural

    New background moves on its own

    In-game name: Laural Affected worlds: (all (I think) Browser: Chrome Type of Bug: (other.) Description: For the past few days, My background screen will randomly begin to spin, sometimes vertically and sometimes horizontally. Also at times my map (upper right) randomly won't work right...
  2. Laural

    Website - English support

    Fantastic!!!!! Thanks guys!!! I installed Battle Stars and haw!
  3. Laural

    Website - English support

    I guess I'll just have to live without. :( I am not comfortable with changing the script, as the code confuses :P Maybe the server end will get updated at some point. I do admire you guys who can 'patch and work around' :)
  4. Laural

    Website - English support

    no answer to my email either drphil3
  5. Laural

    Tornado Alley is still open, and friendly to any who blow in

    As the title says, we are open and welcome new members as always. World 1 is soooo special to those of us who remember the absolutely wild addiction the classic game (in early days) was to us in 2008/9. World 1 should be open to those who want to migrate 'back' . :)
  6. Laural

    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    When I have 'had' to adventure due to a quest etc. I have found it really fun only a couple of times. Those times directly coincided with having friendly helpful team mates and their willingness to guide me in my lack of adventure prowess. Having levels and/or a 'maneuver' feature would...
  7. Laural

    Count to 10,000

  8. Laural

    Farewell Comrades!

    Time marches on and with it comes change. It was a pleasure to have you as a townie in world 12. ;) (of course my name was different there) Hope to see ya on the trail. :)
  9. Laural

    Count to 10,000

  10. Laural

    Classic Server Extension?

    :( OH bummer in spades! I was so hoping it would extend.
  11. Laural

    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    ooooo this Classic world play is sooooo coooool :) This is what it was all about. LOVE IT. Thanks so much for doing this. Hope there is an extension. I'll need it just to get my donkey. LOL
  12. Laural

    Is anyone one ALIVE?

    I'm still alive in world one too. :) As long as I can keep my boots on, I'll be there.
  13. Laural

    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    I signed up for some Classic West. :cool: I remember how nervous I was about everything in those days. Now...its just a glut of 'stuff' it seems. can always hope for a back to the future or something and I look forward to this month. Since it is open to all servers, I see a ton...
  14. Laural

    Website - English support

    Wow, Kate503, I think you have your one seems to even read here in awhile. The site seems to be working for my characters (been members there a long time) but none of the new quests show up there. I think the webmaster may be real life inundated. :)
  15. Laural

    WORLD 1

    NOOOOO not World 1 !!!! I migrated my world 8 toon there when they closed that world, and it is really a sweet place to be. Lots of friendly oldtimers.
  16. Laural

    Website - English support

    Thank you!!!!!! I can use cloth calc now with my windows xp and chrome. :)
  17. Laural

    Website - English support

    Copy the text and do what with it? This is it. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/48.0.2564.109 Safari/537.36 I am using XP and chrome. :)
  18. Laural

    Website - English support

    when I click on your link above to get to TWDB I get the following: normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Chrome tried to connect to this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to...
  19. Laural

    Happy Birthday The West

    Happened to me too :(
  20. Laural

    New World Name Suggestions!

    We are naming a 'world' not a town, and it is set in the old west USA, that is west of Mississippi River. :) I suggest Fandango - From the Spanish, a big party with lots of dancing and excitement. I also like Frisco and Firestone