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    New daily quests not showing up in Quest Tracker by default

    And yes, I DO have the Quest Tracker selected in my settings. It happened with one quest about a month or so ago, but today I selected all the daily quests to activate them, and then ever after 2 screen refreshes they still only appeared in the Quest Book, unchecked. They never appeared in the...
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    Easter new quest and repeatable both available

    Both the new Easter quest (coloring the eggs) and its repeatable version were available on CO at the same time. I completed the first stage (getting the blank eggs) by mistake, and now the next step for getting one of the dyes is sitting there with the Sheriff. I'll submit a ticket for getting...
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    Friends popup at login

    I'm pretty sure we are all aware you want more people to get sucked into the game - it's been 2 weeks straight with this annoying Friends popup at every login. Is it ever going to go away, or are we to enjoy it forever?
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    Not a bug Fair spins no longer your choice

    It started either with this fair or the last one - I'll use the Clown tent as an example, because that's what made me post this: Free spin - you choose a cup. The cup lifts up to show you what you won. One free spin left - you click the Free Spin button and the cups spin. Used to be, once the...
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    Confirmed Gone with the Valentine's Day - BUG

    This may come as a surprise to many, but this quest was bugged in Beta, is still bugged in Beta, and is now bugged in "release" form. Once you find Ashley - either with 50 jobs or 25 NPC duels - the next quest (Quest ID 2172) does NOT appear.
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    Daily login exp/bonds

    Has the functionality changed now, that you can no longer postpone your daily login exp 'reward' by clicking somewhere other than the OK button? I'm on 4 en worlds and like to have them all at the same point so that when the bonds/nuggets come up, I can control who gets the free nuggets - so...
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    Change the level-up energy & hp fills

    Right now whenever we level up, we get 1 AP, 3 SP and automatically get a refill of energy and health points. Too often in the past, and it still happens now, we would get to a point where we would end up leveling up overnight with the daily bonus experience. This would mean that we would wake...
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    Doolin set - buggged or penalized?

    I'm finding that when wearing the full Doolin set with horse and saddle, if I try to do certain jobs I get unusual reads on the benefits of that job. I wasn't sure how to phrase that, so let me explain. If I go to a silver Spear Fishing job site I can expect to get a drop rate of 1350% for...
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    Greasemonkey disappearing

    I'm curious if anybody else is having this problem - I'm using Firefox and just a few days ago I did the latest update (33.1). Today, for the second day in a row, I log in after work to find that Greasemonkey has just simply disappeared! It's not listed under plugins, add-ons or anything else...
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    Equipment manager tweak

    Non-premium players can store up to 2 equipment sets using the Equipment manager - premium gives you the ability to save up to 20. But if your premium expires, you end up with only 2 random sets showing of the 20 you may have saved. As far as I can determine, the 2w that show are randomly...
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    Create travel waypoint in County 15

    With the addition of the "new" county in the center of the map, a travel waypoint problem has arisen. There are only two locations in that county you can travel to in order to get to jobs, and if you don't have a new quest currently open, it becomes one - the fort. The only alternative, since...
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    Opening telegrams causes refresh

    This morning (around 15:00 server time) things with the Easter Showdown update were running ok - but I just got home from work (20:00 server time) and every time I try to open a group telegram, the screen refreshes (the same as if I hit F5). I've tried this in two worlds already (Colorado and...
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    Problem with assigning bounties

    I have to assign 5 bounties for the Dead Man's Hand quest; I assigned 5 bounties by going to the players' profiles and doing it there, but none of them showed up as applying to the quest. I tried doing one through the Sheriff's office, and it immediately showed up as applying to the quest. Is...
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    R.I.P., Mobile Trader

    The Mobile Trader died sometime this morning after drinking a huge bottle of suck. Gone is the reasonable and easy-to-navigate interface, as well as the ability to see if the item isn't in our inventory and if it can add LP to any jobs. Thank you, Thanatos Inno.
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    Incomplete map building and refresh

    For the past week I've been constantly been battling the following issues: a) When I log in and the world is building (from 0 to 248) I nearly always have one world stop at 246. Not always the same world (although it is usually Arizona) but of the 4 worlds I have tabs for in Firefox, at least...
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    Quest Tracker disappears from screen

    I've had minor issues with the Quest Tracker before - it tends to move about the screen a lot - mainly along the right side, but sometimes it drifts toward the center a bit ... but now it's nowhere on the screen at all! Yes, I checked my settings and it IS enabled - but there's no icon on the...
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    Alternate Advent Calendar

    It's a given that the Advent Calendar will no longer give out those awesome Christmas buffs - that's a shame. They were incredibly useful, and I still have a few cookies and gingerbread left because I would nurse my supply so I wouldn't run out before the next Advent Calendar arrived. Now we...
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    Black Friday sale

    So, just to clarify - the items available from the Nugget purchase window (Black Friday clothing, chests and bonds) are NOT in addition to any particular nugget purchase - they are standalone purchases? And do the jacket, pants and hat constitute any sort of 'set' that generates a set bonus in...
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    Old whisper keeps returning

    OK - I had a whisper session with a friend on w1 more than 24 hours ago; ever since then I've logged off multiple times, as has he, and yet whenever I log back in the same whisper window keeps popping up. I've done everything I can think of to purge this information, to no avail. Just now I...
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    Friends window useless now?

    What happened to the "Friends" window at the bottom of the screen? I used to be able to go there for a complete alphabetical list of all my friends, and be able to send any of them a telegram, check to see what kind of crafters they were, etc - now that is completely gone. All I have left is...