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  1. Skill Ranking

    Keyser! Where you been?
  2. Weekly Lotto returned?

    Did you mean choking a chicken?:donkey:
  3. Count to 10,000

  4. Colcord Set
  5. New World Name Suggestions!

    Fort Gay,_West_Virginia
  6. Count to 10,000

  7. Market Trading

    Looking for 15 Semi-precious stones. Mail me ingame. Thanks!
  8. World 12 Alive and Kicking

    New Loyalty - Fort fighting power house on W12 :P
  9. World ?? CTF Event!

    I fully agree with PtyLtd. W12 ff's has not been as active as Colorado.
  10. World ?? CTF Event!

    Whoop whoop, we leading thus far! W12 keep on voting :)
  11. multi-craft items

    Brilliant idea! +1
  12. Free bonds

    Congrats to those who received it!! :D
  13. most deserving player of World 12

    Clearly he's not working on a CAR LOL... Welcome gsp3 :D
  14. Submitted Bond Conversion

    Yes !!!
  15. Market

    Hi Needing natty's coat. have cash or trade/cash. Please send me a PM ingame. Thanks
  16. why did futu's colour change

    Happy Birthday futu!! Hope you had a good one...
  17. Golden sabre guest

    You need to have positive labour points for the charlatan job satusaaristo . GL
  18. Resolved Getting That Golden Colt

    well now this sucks lol. I finally get motivation down to 28% .... and then run out of energy. Now it's back up to 100% :( 11.14AM - On 8% now... ko'd again...meh
  19. Resolved Getting That Golden Colt

    Since I got my GS within 2 days after hitting Lvl 70 I thought might as well start working on the GC today. Wish me luck.. on the last part of the quest now. Started this morning :D
  20. Resolved charlatan with dirty piece of metal

    It dropped after having +2 LP and doing it for an hour :D GS dropped within 30seconds.