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  1. chad4359

    Multi Digs?

    You of all people should not be expecting accurate or consistent information from the mods
  2. chad4359

    Best world?

    Oh Raider I miss you
  3. chad4359

    Browser Bar Icon

    Seems 'Zona has taken the plunge as well now
  4. chad4359

    Browser Bar Icon

    Anyone know what the deal is with the changing browser bar icon? It has changed on 2 of my 3 worlds (from the dude with the coon skin cap to the dude with the cowboy hat), first in Idaho and then a few days later in Colorado however Arizona remains with coon skin guy.
  5. chad4359

    Adventures discussion and feedback

    I still can only play on Internet explorer, get the connection couldn't be established error on other browsers. Is there a fix for this?
  6. chad4359

    Option to show AFK in chat

    I really hope they implement this.
  7. chad4359

    Submitted Improved Golden Gun

    I voted yes. I also screwed up the Raid quest long ago on World 1. Eventually Inno did "fix" this by allowing me to purchase the 2 Key on the market. I still had to reskill many times to get the other two keys to finally get the gun and I would love an option to make it the best of the best...
  8. chad4359

    quest 815 "Charlie (Supplies)".

    I have noticed that getting the bread takes a glass of water out of my inventory. Do the muton and buffalo meat do the same with the sharp bowie knife?
  9. chad4359

    update to 2.03 discussion

    I see we still don't have ranks displayed in chat, guess that should have been moved to "What will probably make it in 2.03 too (More information will follow soon):"
  10. chad4359

    West 2.0 discussion

    I got like 45 bonds out of nowhere, don't know if that was it or not. Still waiting for the Enhanced Premium on World 1 also.
  11. chad4359

    Gun Control

    here is my American opinion on gun control. Everyone should be given one chance as soon as they abuse that chance, i.e. They attempt to kill someone, they lose that chance. In a perfect world there is another one chancer to drop their ass, in an imperfect world we have to wait for the police...
  12. chad4359

    Need advice

    you could always reskill and gear some asskicking gear and handle it yourself. I did thatbefore
  13. chad4359

    Need advice

    please don't report him, it will only result in him getting a slap on the wrist and he will know exactly where it came from. Part of this game is making friends of all kinds. If you can't duel at all then ask a dueler friend to help you, if you don't have a dueler friend then ask a friend if...
  14. chad4359

    1.36 world migration - discussion

    so is this happening or not?
  15. chad4359

    Market Buying and Selling

    need #2 key.
  16. chad4359

    Submitted Alliance Forum

    I'm a town founder TUG, come on bud get your visual aids right.
  17. chad4359

    Looking for Members

    BUMP Very active in growing this alliance please join.
  18. chad4359

    Looking for Members

    Still looking for players to join Steel City II of ATW Alliance.