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  1. Poker Alice

    Change the topic!

    What ever the topic is change it to something else. Or change it not. The number is 1. This topic is related to the east. The east coast is a fine place to live in the 1800's. It is far more civilized and is developing in culture and education says honest Abe. The west however is wild and...
  2. Poker Alice

    Contagious Virus

    There is a contagious virus and it is called chronic complaining. Yes that is right it is something people do, can pass on and it can be deadly. Everyone has likes and dislikes. If you are veteran to the west game perhaps you are someone that would like to see the game return to what it used to...
  3. Poker Alice

    Visit Mexico in th e 1800’s

    This is how Inno’s The West Game is described. "InnoGames' online role-playing game The West sees you start as a greenhorn facing the dangers of the Wild West. Create your own avatar and collect experience by completing tasks and doing jobs. Become a gunslinger by challenging other players to...