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  1. Ace Matador

    Questions About Duels!

    I was reading the wiki and have two questions about duels. First is about Attack and Defense value. On Wiki has it: "Additionally each player receives a bonus of five for the attack/dodging value." Can someone explain me what is "bonus of five"? Second: Has duels bonus points like...
  2. Ace Matador

    market's money question

    I let my char inactive since march/april 2013 and I starts to play again recently and the money I have on market simply disappeared. About 800k to rescue. My char wasn't deleted, only inactived, then I have same level, same itens, same achievements and so on... It's right? Has anyone the same...
  3. Ace Matador

    Resolved Repeatable holiday quests.

    Can I complete a repeatable holiday quests twice? For example: I did the repeatable Independence Day in this year and got two charisma points. In next year I can get two charisma points again, or repeatable quest I can complete only once? Thanks. :)
  4. Ace Matador

    Resolved Maya's Shawl bonuses

    The bonuses of Maya’s Shawl works only I’m defending a fort or It works both def/atk helping to avoid hits? And what would be this +5? 56 dodge points or anything else? Thanks!