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  1. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022

    JB weapon set giving total +12 flat defence, shame it being behind paywall. It is utterly disgusting and shameful. I have no other words except telling this needs to stop at once otherwise say goodbye to f2p community as with this going soon we only get useless stupid buffs on events and have to...
  2. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022 this needs to stop.
  3. Alduin


    you wasting your time, nothing going to change it anyway. the word "feedback" is empty shell for inno with literal 0 meaning or any kind of weight behind it. they will do what they will going to do.
  4. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022

    if theres bills to be paid, stuff can be arranged. putting event items behind paywall is no good strategy fyi
  5. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022

    meh, i know. another nugget exclusive set how unusual and unexpected
  6. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022

    To be honest, i know. Just needed to confirm it so i can complain >:(
  7. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022 whats this @Al35ul
  8. Alduin

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022

    I feel like hell of a damage set coming on DOTD, too much love for tanks i cant help myself but getting suspected.
  9. Alduin

    Feedback Update 2.176

    most people accumulated more than enough exp already, mean no disrespect to you as a person but you think wrong. if level cap increases these regular items will be way more stronger than set ones as you can easily +5 them. good luck getting +5 jaguars
  10. Alduin

    Feedback Update 2.176

    well good job inno, you digging your own grave :D how do you plan selling overpowered dueling sets on dotd now ? as upgrading regular items are faster now and duel gear on +5 is pretty much available.
  11. Alduin

    Feedback Old items sale

    So expensive for sets that getting sold twice per year for at least 3 years in a row. Also why i cant make my stuff bold or cant add any image on forum >:(
  12. Alduin

    Topics for discussion

    appreciate your effort but last awesomia battle had 19 attackers vs 58 defenders. had to wake up early and move my toon for this battle. spent %25 hp buff to earn 45. on normal time it might be worth for bonds but 45 bonds isnt worth waking up early for such stupid and unbalanced battle.
  13. Alduin


    quantity surpassed quality, events became cash grab traps. rare become common. it just feels like they doing everything in their power to make people quit playing.
  14. Alduin


    its become soo common so i am here to ask for something, why not putting gringo weapons on merchants ?it lost its importance because giving 10 sets every speed server ? man fort fights become extremely cringe, unions come hitting 1800 gringo boosted people come hitting 1400. where is the fun of...
  15. Alduin

    Feedback Update 2.175

    inno still doesnt aware with this going they cant sell stupidly overpowered duel sets on dotd events :D
  16. Alduin

    Feedback Merging Markets with International servers

    how old danish servers are ? i dont wanna get 1800 damage without it being crit on fort fights from someone wearing union officer set, i think colorado has enough people wearing it. thats a very big dislike from me.
  17. Alduin

    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    Do you aware i guess, Gringo become so common that town merchants going to sell them in future. Golden animal set is premium set, not everyone can reach or wanna buy. So what now, i only have siringo what uses it has for me ? Nothing.
  18. Alduin

    dislike button on forum

    i mean not fooling around i actually didnt know even tho i might be considered as forum veteran lol
  19. Alduin

    dislike button on forum Ones like this, we have to react on some way. Talking personally; i dislike having parts of sets behind a paywall, my opinion it should be available in event with other items. If i cant...
  20. Alduin

    dislike button on forum

    Nobody needs some weird social platform like, just a simple dislike button. A fat thumbs down hurts more than middle finger on traffic. Hoping have same effect, our "feedback" tend to fall on deaf ears anyways. It would also help our lazy forum guests who cant read. You wouldnt buy/play a game...