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  1. Advent Calendar 24. Game

    Las Vegas, 1500$, *Ace*
  2. Advent Calendar 23. Game

    Silent Night
  3. Advent Calendar 22. Game

    B2 B6 C5 D1 D6 E1 E4
  4. Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas crackers
  5. Advent Calendar 19. Game

    In Colonial times in New England
  6. Advent Calendar 18. Game

    Dueling weapon: Christmas sale 2014 Animal: Christmas sale 2014 Clothing: Christmas sale 2015 Headgear: Christmas sale 2013 Shoes: Christmas sale 2016 Pants: Christmas sale 2017 Neckband: Christmas sale 2020 Rifle: Christmas sale 2012 Belt; Holiday Sale 2019 Product...
  7. Advent Calendar 17. Game

    Poland, Hungary & Italy
  8. Advent Calendar 16. Game

    The earliest documentation of a "candy cane" is found in the short story "Tom Luther's Stockings", published in Ballou's Monthly Magazine in 1866. So 155 years.
  9. Advent Calendar 15. Game

    1. Gingerbread 2. Cinnamon 3. Fruitcake 4. Snowman 5. Santa Claus 6. Chocolate 7. Christmas 8. Reindeer 9. Nutcracker 10. Mistletoe 11. Snowglobe 12. Candles 13. Present 14. Chestnuts 15. Sugar plum 16. Turkey 17. Mince pie 18. Team
  10. Advent Calendar 14. Game

    Stuffed Turkey
  11. Advent Calendar 13. Game

    Adeste Fidelis O Come All Ye Faithful
  12. Advent Calendar 12. Game

    In tradition an ornamental pickle is placed on the christmas tree, and who finds it first on christmas morning will have an extra gift from Santa, or have a year of good luck.
  13. Advent Calendar 11. Game

    There is an island missing on the rightside in the water, and there is a cactus missing, near Awesomia on the bottom of it.
  14. Advent Calendar 7. Game

    Work sign missing, Above there has the road a strange shape, and the church is missing from the ghosttown.
  15. Advent Calendar 6. Game

    It originated in Finland and it means men dressed as goats
  16. Advent Calendar 4. Game

    80 seconds. Because the Total of the papier is 10 by 10 and elfs cut the paper 2 by 10. It needs To be 4 cuts To cut the whole size, so 4 times 20 makes 80 seconds
  17. Advent Calendar 3. Game

    If you open up a box from the adventcalender too early you get a bounty on your head. That's why they were dulled around.