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  1. Round XI

  2. Round X

  3. Round IX

    A2 B3 C1
  4. Round VIII

    soccer world cup in south africa
  5. Round VII

    I would like to have new contest in every world ,every month possible.
  6. Round VI

    2008 The West is nominated as Browsergame of the Year 2009 The West receives its Public BETA Server. 2010 NPC-Duels were introduced to The West. 2011 The new Avatar generator is introduced. 2012 Union Pacific Shop was introduced. 2013 The cinema arrives in the Old West, giving you the...
  7. Round V

    1.Dodging 2.Montana 3.Blacksmith
  8. Round IV

    Day Word Count Topic Monday 300 Crazy Sets Tuesday 400 Mens Day Wednesday 500 Hobby Thursday 200 Speed server Friday 600 The-West-Meeting
  9. Round III

    Α)Barkeeper Henry Walker B)Wogon chief C)Waupee D)Maya Roalstad E)Heisenzwerg F)Nigel the Weapon Dealer G)Sheriff John Fitzburn H)Belle Starr
  10. Round 2

    Ingredients: -Flour x5 -Raw Egg Jar x4 -Sugar x8 -Blueberries x15 -Berries x6 -Mapple Syrup x1 -Butter x3 -Rum x1 -Wooden Whisk x2 -Knife x1 -Ice x4 Preparation: Sift the flour and beat the raw eggs with the sugar with a wooden wire until they become foamy and white.Pour the flour together...
  11. Feedback Happy 15th Birthday The West!

    you can copy the image and paste it in painting on your pc and draw the line there,save and post it or if you have lightshot installed you can screenshot it draw the line and then save the image on your pc and then upload it on the post
  12. Round 1

  13. Share your memories about The West! - 15th Anniversary

    Playing since 2010, i think the only achievement that im proud of is that the friends i made in this game and that im still playing with them
  14. Easter - Egg Hunt!

    the reports are all from kansas: 1)Job report: Work in an Office 2)Job report: Hunting Antelopes 3)Job report: Work as a Coroner 4)Job report: Building Chests 5)Job report: Stealing Cattle 6)Job report: Making a Bonfire 7)Job report: Work as a Barber 8)Job report: Railroad Ticket Agent 9)Job...
  15. Feedback Easter - Egg hunt!

    Send a message in THIS FORUM SECTION with the reports of the found items. Also add the world on which you found the item. This does not have to be done in one time, but can also be done in parts. Please make sure you have set the report on 'Public'. can you explain please the part one what do...
  16. World Animal Day - Sidequest 6

    ainmhithie=Irish anifeiliaid=Welsh animais=Portuguese animalelor=Romanian animales=Spanish animali=Italian animals=English animaux=French bestoj=Esperanto dieren=Dutch djur=Swedish dur=Norwegian haiwan=Malay hewan=Indonesian izilwane=Zulu kewan=Javanese loomad=Estonian tiere=German...
  17. World Animal Day - Sidequest 5

    12 animals world kansas
  18. World Animal Day - Sidequest 4

    world kansas
  19. World animal day - Sidequest 3

    world kansas
  20. World animal day - Sidequest 3

    beaver hunt branding cattle breaking in horses catch crabs catching horses collect eagle feathers cowboy herding lambs hunt aligators hunt pumas hunt rattlesnakes hunting antelopes hunting buffalo hunting bulls hunting coyotes hunting foxes hunting grizzly bears hunting rabbits hunting turkey...