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  1. Matori

    Round XI

    Round XI
  2. Matori

    Round X

    Round 10 Let's imagine: Guns are A Feather is B Pants are C First A + A + A = 30 3A = 10 A = 10 Second BxA + B = 77 10B + B = 77 11B = 77 B = 7 Third CxA + C = 22 10C + C = 22 11C = 22 C = 2 Final A + CxB = 10 + 2x7 = 10 + 14 = 24 The solution is 24.
  3. Matori

    Round IX

    Round 9 A-2 B-3 C-1
  4. Matori

    Round VIII

    Round 8
  5. Matori

    Round VII

    Round VII Add more adventures maps to game with new dodging abilities
  6. Matori

    Round VI

    Round 6
  7. Matori

    Round V

    Round 5 1. Dodging 2. Montana 3. Blacksmith
  8. Matori

    Round IV

    Round 4
  9. Matori

    Montana Saloon

    Newest World? Seems not :D
  10. Matori

    Share your memories about The West! - 15th Anniversary

    Chatango chat for getting rank, the entire town leaving FF if someone wasn't ranked, and expectation for 3rd key from FF reward box. Also, a moment when 3rd key drops after a couple of months.
  11. Matori

    Round III

    Round 3 A - Henry Walker B - Wogon chief C - Waupee D - Maya Roalstad E - Heisenzwerg F - Nigel the Weapon Dealer G - Sheriff John Fitzburn H - Belle Starr
  12. Matori

    Round 2

    Round 2 Ingredients for Orange-coffee cake: 1kg of Flour 3 juicy orange 3 eggs 300g sugar ground coffee(10-12 pieces of coffee beans) 200g homemade butter(1l of organic milk) 0.2 dl Tequila Preparation: Mix flour, 150g sugar, and half of ground coffee with a Wooden whisk. Bake it in Baking...
  13. Matori

    Round 1

    Round 1
  14. Matori

    Feedback Easter - Egg hunt!

    All of the proposed are workarounds(copy/paste, check/delete unshared...), what @martoru propose is some kind of archive or locked reports, ones that can't be deleted accidentally, but that will come one update after town construction be in separate log :P
  15. Matori

    Easter - Egg Hunt!

    Hello, all eggs collected Vegas ● [Vermilion flycatcher eggs] → Building Chests Job report: Building Chests ● [American Crow eggs] → Stealing Cattle Job report: Stealing Cattle ● [Baltimore Oriole eggs] → Work as a Barber Job report: Work as a Barber ● [American robin eggs] → Railroad Ticket...
  16. Matori

    Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    Also damager which is doing 60k is not the damager that is needed in TEAM EVENT, and FF ranking is not what is needed in TEAM EVENT. Numbers on North side weren't that bad except last ff's. But let's just finish any kind of discussion "i am better, no i am better". Thank you event team for this...
  17. Matori

    Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    What about town shop gear, we will have it all in our town, or it will be in GM towns?
  18. Matori

    The West EN Census

    So Vegas is different than other servers, in what way? One ally is winning all forts? What is the difference between all other servers (not AZ, Colo, and Montana)?
  19. Matori

    Love is in the air <3

    Kad mi dodjes ti