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  1. Petition to Syntex classic server

    Make a permanent server of the good old version
  2. Feedback The West Classic Server for 15th Birthday

    I don't understand the hype for the west classic its trash
  3. Separate Construction log and Residents log

    Remove church from the game
  4. Feedback Fort Battle Balancing Event

    @asdf124 you literally said "a few years" :-D
  5. Feedback Fort Battle Balancing Event

    If you dont spend irl money cheat or/and spend insane time on this game you will be a punching bag both in new or/and old world i wish this changed somehow but it seems its in the core mechanics of this game
  6. The West EN Census

    Top players can have up to 10 "friends"... So i would say around anywhere from 50 to 100
  7. Change xp rewards

    So now that everything is level based and that maximum level is unreachable dor the average player this suggestion is very important I dont want to put 15s jobs all the time for xp its boring its totally stupid it burns my brain 0 fun to do it all the time because if you dont do it you cant be...
  8. New for formula and balancing the fort bonus of the characters

    @RaiderTr Stop playing on old servers and start playing on new world... Where there is no union officer set... Where you can start same level as everyone... Where you can pick soldier or dueler class that are the two most favourable for pvp now
  9. New world in October?

    I would join new world but the tutorial is so annoying and cant disable it
  10. Feedback Duel Event

    Stop playing this game go find a woman:-D
  11. Remove all confederate flags and references!!!

    I hope you are trolling. America remained state level racist even at 1970s. The winners changed nothing. If racism had stopped after the war there could be a chance I would agree with you.
  12. Feedback Duel Event

    I will play this event once you fix the duelling system because right now it's not fun for me
  13. union riding set

    People are more excited for this than the "big update" Give players what they want!

    This game has 2 more "good" years at most before it enters zombie mode for good Unfortunately many wrong management decisions years ago ruined its future
  15. Skill points click

    Is there a way to quickly change my skill points? Or I have to click 600 times to put them if i reset with potion?
  16. Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

  17. Count to 00,000

  18. (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    No need to close worlds just optional migration could help.