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  1. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    At any given point, you have only a certain number of hours remaining in your life. If you opt to spend them playing a videogame to not have fun, that is a losing strategy. I gave your strategy a shot, it was a miserable experience and I shared my concerns (before and) after the FF. You...
  2. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    We bailed AT on round 3-4 on an east attack... How is that a fun fight? We've both played enough of this game to know that fights are most fun when both teams discuss how to make battles fair and balanced... Turtling with full HP ain't it.
  3. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    Nikos also quit? In no time you will be leading an empty ship
  4. Feedback The Secret Project - Discussion

    DotD next week likely starts next week, the world starts on friday
  5. Feedback Update 2.184

    Some actual feedback... Background/Motivation: New characters have always been at a disadvantage, it's an intended feature after all. However, with the raise of the level caps I have reason to believe that there is little to no motivation to start or grow a low level toon on pre-existing...
  6. Who am I?

    Hi, I would like to receive the reward in Colorado, if I win! Thanks Bass Reeves Pat Garrett William "Billy the Kid" Bonney Goyathlay Geronimo Annie Oakley Jesse James Wyatt Earp