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  1. Feedback Happy 15th Birthday The West!

    Hmm, shall I grumble here or write a support ticket? Dilemmas, dilemmas. :D It's a bit like with sports: jury sports always stink, so better avoid subjective questions in a contest.
  2. Round X

  3. Round IX

    A2, B3, C1
  4. Round VIII

  5. Round VII

    The market should have price caps at hundred times Shop price.
  6. Round V

    --Which mobility skill is hidden ranking? Dodging --What is the name of the latest world in our language version? Classic World -- Which profession can create a polishing stone? Blacksmith
  7. Round IV

    Word count Day Topic 200 Thursday Speed server 300 Monday Crazy Sets 400 Tuesday Mens Day 500 Wednesday Hobby 600 Friday The-West-Meeting
  8. Round 2

    Recipe "Amish Citrus-flavoured Cheesecake" ingredients 5 Flour 3 Butter 1 Sugar 1 Wooden Whisk 1 Baking Mold 3 Bottles of Milk 1 Raw Egg Jar 1 Printing Plate 1 Horn of a cow 1 Citrus extract 1 Orange 1 Rum Protecting the wagon train (30 minutes) Ice cutting (2 hours) preparation details --...
  9. 2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    Teething troubles (ID: 10091) always puzzled me (= non-Anglo), as nothing in the description suggests babies or that this is the first time the sunday school is being held! Two options I can see: a) It is a homophonic error for "Teaching troubles". The one who typed it likely was...
  10. Easter - Egg Hunt!

    World: Colorado
  11. Easter - Egg Hunt!

    World: Colorado
  12. Easter - Egg Hunt!

    Job report: Stealing Cattle
  13. Easter - Egg Hunt!

    Job report: Work as a Coroner
  14. Easter - Egg Hunt!

    world: Colorado Job report: Building Chests Job report: Maple Tapping
  15. Feedback Changelog 2.177
  16. Feedback Easter Event 2023

    The thing that always annoys me in these Easter events is that if the NPC asks for a bribe, and you click outside the subwindow, e.g. on the map, the subwindow closes and your winning streak is reset. There is no sane reason why this should happen - the window should simply remain until you say...
  17. 2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    I appreciate the new update! Looking forward to it. But is it me or are the antelope horns (product) of the new job Hunting Antelope the wrong kind of horns? The USA only has one antelope species - Pronghorns - and those horns are different. The depicted horns look like hartebeest horns. Hehehe
  18. 2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    I know it is a bit neurotic, but of the Tasks in the Saloon, ID 10153 is missing the prefix "Wanted:", which always bugs me. :D It is the same 15-of-something-for-1-bond type of quest as ID 10150 to ID 10152. And the Wanted *is* a good eye-catcher for your daily bond harvest.
  19. M... - Entries for the new world!

    Mesa Verde after the national park, as the state names are a bit predictable. And if you allow all the dead worlds to migrate to this new world, players can be "heading for greener pastures" indeed!
  20. Feedback Harvest Time 2022

    It's alas a common experience, this extreme aggression agains newcomers during adventures. Which is why it has become a dead game element IMHO.