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  1. Would you like to see Awesomia battle Join restrictions continue?

    I would even like to see it in normal battles :) in a dead world as ours
  2. Avantageous proposal for market trading (for upgraded items)

    1. u can only put stuff on the Market for 7 days. making x amount ofday allready weird. 2. what happends to if someone buys the item while someone else is loaning it. 3. How do u decide the loaning cost. 4. coding this is a nightmare. what u say is mostly. i want to sell upgraded stuff. if u...
  3. Dear Mr Syntex

    i agree with that. i should have said the server .net was designed to be for the English/American but it has been dubbed as International. and became pretty international over the years what we saw with the last IFBC i think we had 27 nationalities in that team then.
  4. Dear Mr Syntex

    Thank you for the responds @Syntex . I am not questioning the experience here. it's more that i want to know what kind of an background u allready had with/inside the game. I am wondering though. This is an "International server" however most ppl will come from England / America. Wouldn't it...
  5. Dear Mr Syntex

    @mnnielsen and @Syntex may i ask what ur experience is with the west before becomming a "temporary" CM here. And if u guys play in which worlds/servers do u play??
  6. Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    thanks for the attempt hr nyborg. shame inno keeps their streak going.
  7. Caribbean Sale - feedback

    can maybe argue u can duel a little 2 so u can work and be slightly protected from duelling.
  8. Caribbean Sale - feedback

    I would imagine they dun want to make more overpowered items. so they are searching for sets they can fit in between the gaps. However those will allways be sub optimal, because we compare them to the current op ones. If their new strat is more focussing on new worlds and only sell more...
  9. Caribbean Sale - feedback

    isn't the james wilson set allmost better ?? and that one is free/tombola? or am i missing something?
  10. Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    It's not the multis though what ruin it. it are the ppl digging them. and the ego's surrounding everything. allmost 50% of the problems that made this game dead and still ruin more as half of the fun are the ego's in this game. Saying is not a tactic is bs because it is. but the moment it...
  11. Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    tbh it does not matter what rules will be implied. Most of our problem children in the community will allways find other things to abuse us with. so do not even bother with these rules. before trying to fix ff's its better to pull out the rotten players itselve. This whole discussion has never...
  12. Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    Like i do not approve of multi digging.... however, i can see a world where an underdog team can use multidigging to get some forts. and to get some footing. its also a bit the nature of a top team. to have to controle something and shows they can handle multiple threats and defend them. like it...
  13. New Awesomia battles

    instead of class restricted i would think its more funny if ppl would get 10 hp and everyone is gearless and hit for 1 if they hit and dueller crits is 2 dmg would make a way more interesting fort battle.
  14. New Awesomia battles

    Tbh this idea is weird. Because alot of servers are close to dying only a handfull are really filling up completly. so why test this then on dead servers too. it would be better to merge these servers first. (houston here) we got barely 100 ppl to join up. and regular ff battles dun even fill...
  15. New world - choose a name

    Kinkajou , a nice animal :D
  16. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    I know this is the case. But the way he answered it. Is as well written as the rules. and only make more questionmarks then answers. Like we have shown for alot of posts allready. And this topic is allready alive for more then 2 weeks and still no hotfix for the rules.
  17. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    U mean scripts aren't allowed on their respective home servers?? or u mean ppl can't be from other servers like u mentioned here?????? U are a mod right? why do u need to ask for permission to make a list of allowed scripts, when u just told us it was allowed, so u can make the list? u are...
  18. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    Question though why does diffrent servers/countries (how u want to call it) have seperate rules about scripts we are allowed to use? If inno now made new rules/wording. and say new All scripts are forbidden. wouldn't that just mean all scripts. And then a mod says. it does not include that. ...
  19. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    It's mostly an interesting point that mods need to answer inside an 8 hour window.... but somehow there are sometimes days between these forumposts. They can't even follow their own rules.
  20. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    I have said my points allready pretty early on in this topic. certainly asking to clarify rules. Also we aren;'t allowed to question the enforcing of the rules because that is off-topic it seems. even though when the rules become gray areas, it's up to mods to decide. so it will slow down the...