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  1. Jordy240797

    The West New World

    It will have to start with the letter N. When the time comes the community can post name ideas like last year.
  2. Jordy240797

    Share your memories about The West! - 15th Anniversary

    The mountains in the middle still have that beautiful troll face shape! :-D
  3. Jordy240797

    Feedback Easter - Egg hunt!

    Note: Reports need to have to date between 2023-04-07 00:01 and 2023-04-21 23:59. The answer would be yes, they would have to drop the eggs again for this contest since the reports cannot be prior to 2023-04-07 00:01 according to this topic.
  4. Jordy240797

    Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    Things are only getting better from here. That said, come back to play on Colorado instead of lurking on the forums mate! :'P
  5. Jordy240797

    Feedback Update 2.193

    I also remember that there used to be a 'World Record' topic
  6. Jordy240797

    Feedback Update 2.193

    Perhaps if they introduce an achievement ranking/leaderboard more players will become interested.
  7. Jordy240797

    Rejoined guy here

    There are a lot of good folks in old worlds like Arizona and Colorado that offer players a lot of help with sets to level up fast. Newer worlds tend to have fewer players but they are still friendly and helpful. Levels in those worlds are lower too so with some grinding you could catch up with...
  8. Jordy240797

    Love is in the air <3

    A secret love, Who could it be, of course it is *Sheriff John NPC*! *Sheriff John NPC* is a legend, he tries his best for everyone with no end. We each have a quest do to our best, but you won't accept my friend request. Please let this not be the end, I will send you hearts everyday my dear...
  9. Jordy240797

    Discussing how we can improve Fort Battle rebalancing

    @Syntex because he has the same powers available as Nyborg had. ''You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
  10. Jordy240797

    Feedback Update 2.192

    You're right. I just assumed the bond rewards would've been increased too. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the next update together with more construction & removal of the useless rewards.
  11. Jordy240797

    Feedback Update 2.192

    When more products are required it will allow more players to earn bonds from donating & it also allows more players to get the Travelling Fair achievements I'd assume. As someone who likes achievements I like the fact that more products will be needed. More construction would be a great thing...
  12. Jordy240797

    Discussing how we can improve Fort Battle rebalancing

    I don't know what you all above are saying but if it means what I think it means, Goober should stay in the position he is in. He has done a great job so far and has done a great job in reaching out to every party involved. He tries that in Colorado mostly, but also other worlds. He is not...
  13. Jordy240797

    Feedback Holiday Speed 2022 (premium-free)

    This gives hope that the legendary Hr. Nyborg is in a place where he is appreciated both as a person and salary wise.
  14. Jordy240797

    Feedback Holiday Speed 2022 (premium-free)

    I never patricipated in speed events but I wish to claim all prices because ChEaTeRs and stuff please @Syntex gib Gringos pls
  15. Jordy240797

    Feedback Update 2.190

    Will there possibly be a 'mega' crafting event this year that includes all (limited) recipes from the 2 events in the past years? Perhaps one that possibly includes a similar event as the Harvest, Pumpkin and Gift Hunt events? We have had themed events where players had to collect around 100...
  16. Jordy240797

    Feedback Holiday Speed 2022 (premium-free)

    I am glad I got the 'Last Man Standing' achievement before the new rules came into action! :-D
  17. Jordy240797


    Why don't we make a new world named 'New Colorado' and make it a premium world. Then everybody migrates from 'Colorado' to 'New Colorado'. From there allow players to migrate from other worlds to 'New Colorado'. Problem solved.
  18. Jordy240797

    Feedback Holiday Speed 2022 (premium-free)

    If you pray long enough, the secret church praying bonus will allow you to migrate. Merry Christmas everyone! :-D
  19. Jordy240797

    Separate Construction log and Residents log

    I don't see the chosen one. Where is Nyborg?