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  1. Beefmeister

    Feedback Old item sale 2023

    where is union officer
  2. Beefmeister

    Feedback Update 2.199

    oh, i thought it's 12 quests not 1... feeling a bit scammed here but it is what it is
  3. Beefmeister

    Feedback Update 2.199

    can we still get the quests?
  4. Beefmeister

    Survey about the Classic Server

    i voted no cuz i see no point in it, but if people want it, i support making it permanent. maybe if forts are added i'll consider it some day
  5. Beefmeister

    Feedback Update 2.199

    so no changes after feedback on beta. totally unexpected
  6. Beefmeister

    Round XI

  7. Beefmeister

    Lenka, what are you thinking?

    don't worry guys it's just a master plan to promote the west classic server or any other game you'd find better to play than this one (the bar is not that high)
  8. Beefmeister

    Round X

  9. Beefmeister

    Feedback The West Classic Server for 15th Birthday

    good tell the lcm to fix the game instead of playing time waste simulator
  10. Beefmeister

    Feedback The West Classic Server for 15th Birthday

    pretty's like playing an early build of an unreleased game. the game is much better now but it lacks players. and it's not a coincidence, nobody plays browser games anymore
  11. Beefmeister

    Round IX

    A2, B3, C1
  12. Beefmeister

    Round VIII

  13. Beefmeister

    Round VII

    a new game mode, where you can play fort fights solo
  14. Beefmeister

    Round VI

    Year Event 2008 The West is nominated as Browser game of the Year 2009 The West receives its Public BETA Server. 2010 NPC-Duels were introduced to The West. 2011 The new Avatar generator is introduced. 2012 Union Pacific Shop was introduced. 2013 The cinema arrives in the Old West...
  15. Beefmeister

    Feedback Happy 15th Birthday The West!

    how exactly is one supposed to know this if they just started playing this game? you guys are ridiculous
  16. Beefmeister

    Feedback The West Classic Server for 15th Birthday

    a nice touch for nostalgic people or people curious how the game was 15 years ago. but just shows how bad it was before :lol: it's just the number of players that made it good add forts, make it permanent, and it gets real. either way, a nice initiative.
  17. Beefmeister

    Round V

    Dodging Montana Blacksmith
  18. Beefmeister

    Round IV

    Word Count Day Topic 300 Monday Crazy Sets 400 Tuesday Men's Day 500 Wednesday Hobbies 200 Thursday Speed Server 600 Friday The-West-Meeting
  19. Beefmeister

    Round III

    A - Henry Walker B - Wogon chief C - Waupee D - Maya E - Heisenzwerg F - Nigel the weapon dealer G - Sheriff John H - Belle Starr
  20. Beefmeister

    Round 2

    Union Officer Birthday Cake This delicious union officer cake recipe from scratch is a very simple cake to make. Anyone can do it, if you were lucky enough to buy the ingredients with nuggets in 2019! Prep Time: 0 mins Buy Time: 1 mins Total Time: 1 mins Ingredients: 2x flour 1x bottle of...