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  1. Feedback Easter Event 2023

    So Claiborne is for jobs? even though it looks like a fort set for tanks on attacking side? Why does it have appearance? and labor point? and regen ? Instead of the rest fort skills? and fort bonuses? Gibson is a job / luck set? Maybe higher luck drops? like fancy waupee stuff? Sundown is for...
  2. 2023 Awesomia battle initiative -- Discussion

    Guidance? < these battles had coin chests in them 6 battles I think reward was 75 coin chest < these had coin chests 5 battles 75 coin chest...
  3. 2023 Awesomia battle initiative -- Discussion

    Will we be having npc dug awesomia battles? For lucky coin chests and some gold clovers? Think we usually have 5 Awesomia battles on each world
  4. Feedback St. Patrick's event 2023

    Ok mine appeared after I completed the spurs quest and accepted 1 of tasks to trade clovers for a set piece.
  5. Feedback St. Patrick's event 2023

    I have completed brewing bad and previous Eire pieces I have no clover tasks appearing
  6. Feedback St. Patrick's event 2023

    So the players that completed the previous 5 pieces of the Eire set the Repeatable quests to obtain Golden Clovers do not appear? Are we not able to do Golden Clover repeatable tasks because we have all 5 pieces from Eire? For some reason I have no Clover tasks appearing
  7. Feedback Update 2.194

    Number of battle participants From now you will have a visual counter of the number of participants allowed for the battle Does this mean admin are going to put caps on battles?
  8. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    What would be used for fort gear?
  9. Discussing how we can improve Fort Battle rebalancing

    The issue with migration on .net worlds is some worlds do not have have certain game breaking gear. From Juarez forward to Montana there is no Union gear and very few with Gringo. Union was stopped before Juarez opened and Gringo only comes from a speed world winner not enough to damage fort...
  10. Feedback Update 2.192

    We all need a math class to understand formulas Hopefully this is an improvement and maybe encourage players to join attack side
  11. Feedback Update 2.192

    Will the new shop items be random in our shops like the other shop items are? 66 New items all named Waupee Will there be sets made in these with set bonuses like the other shop sets with names and bonuses (Charlatan, Indian, Greenhorn, Pilgrim, Gentleman Etc... ) The Fancy items do not have a...
  12. Feedback Update 2.192

    The Carnival quest Carnival in the wild west requires 925 Peacock feathers to be collected Will we be able to collect the feathers from jobs as in clicky event? and The event gave 3 full weeks to collect that many Is it or will it be possible to collect that many in just 2 weeks ?
  13. 2023 Awesomia battle initiative -- Discussion

    Will you be putting the join restriction on so we can try to have a even battle?
  14. Feedback Winter event 2023

    Can we also have I think its 3 different types of snowballs and icicles as these are from past events and there are people who havent been able to complete them
  15. 2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    In the new collection items it is Barred owl not barrel owl
  16. Fort battles timeline

    Inno made some severe changes to Fort battles around that time in 2020 Then they opened Kansas and Introduced Cortina. It starts here with formula changes and distance changes The recent change they made to fort...
  17. Discussion thread.

    What I meant was I had clicked it and nothing happened Number 1 wouldn't let me in Now it's working
  18. Discussion thread.

    @ Tin Click on forum home page and look at the 3 categories 1st one is the Advent tree
  19. Discussion thread.

    What a pretty tree Cant wait Where is the first one? Its server 02:40 AM on the 1st of December
  20. Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2022

    Thank you @ Roland