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  1. nashy19

    Situation of the Game

    I'm not sure if I'm remembering this correctly, but weren't nuggets introduced in a way that made things feel P2W? Perhaps if the paid features had felt like nice additions rather than affecting the core of the gameplay there would be a group of long time paying members. There was also the way...
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    Well, I didn't make a loss but I wish I had got more :) In 2012 you could talk about them in public and people who were technically inclined would know what you meant, before that not so much.
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    Feedback - The West turns 8!

    Now I feel old.
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    Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks

    There are good fireworks shops with a huge range that sell them all year round. I really wanted to buy a hundred of the loudest flashiest fireworks we could get and go somewhere to set them off. But I'm currently in an old fashioned English city full of nice law abiding citizens so that didn't...
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    creating tooltips in php

    That's going to be a JavaScript thing really. Have a look [here].
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    CCTV - How Much Good Does It Really Do?

    It all comes down to data storage.
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    Police Officer shoots dead unarmed man

    For the ones in the UK, they are used to gather evidence at incidents usually at the polices benefit (it's desirable for them to record rather than fight accusations). They don't have to be turned on all the time, and can be turned off at the request of a victim, however otherwise failing to...
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    Elvenar forum is

    Support is found here: You'll have to choose your language and then follow the link in the message "If you do not know or remember your username or password, please click here." If you want to find support again look for the "Help" section of the...
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    Clarkson Gone

    We found May loitering around where I am, my friend asked why I was so excited (I don't really know, I'm loving this Top Gear stuff for some reason). I don't think he needs convincing to do silly stuff at all, maybe Top Gear wanted to make him look more old and boring than he is so they could...
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    Clarkson Gone

    It sounds like there will be a new three. Reporters would have more luck if they got lunch at the BBC instead of hanging out outside James May's house.
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    Whats in your paste?!

  12. nashy19

    Multi Account Server

    I would take over with a ridiculous number of accounts.
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    Responses to Reputation Messages.

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    0/10 not available.. who doesn't like a bit of thread necromancy.
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    It could be something digital, cars can have millions of lines of code but their programming practices are absolutely terrible. For years Toyota blamed a with the brakes on the brakes catching the floor mat, but in reality it was caused by data corruption. The code was impressively terrible with...
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    Introduce yourself!

    What if I don't know who I am? :unsure:
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    Please tell me about game

    I played Gladiatus a long time ago. I remember ridiculous power-creep on the armour and weapons, some sort of adventure quest thing but no actual map to move around. I guess the main differences would be the map, skills, towns, forts, more sensible items and duelling instead of some other kind...
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    Funny Pic Thread

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    P&P Easter sale

    What's a forum? :huh:
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    Church of The Onion

    Actually, the cake is delicious, you must eat it.