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  1. Feedback Fort Balancing Actions

    in goober we trust
  2. Feedback Fort Balancing Actions

    how you miss it? i was bussy in speed :)))))
  3. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    some woks in sleep too some work in sleep too :))))
  4. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    again for inno fredom of speach mean nothing discution was on topic about speed world not about global warming
  5. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    changing a rule to stop nikos in last winter event was necesary evan sooner that was made, evan so he was not baned from event after all he did (btw i see him became an expert in FF... probably multiple diggind and not atended give him a huge experience) but changing rules that afect game play...
  6. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    quote" the REAL SOLUTION will be GMs to start changing the bonuses of each class , " so in nikos way of view soluton is to change rules during event is on play :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) they did this in winter too because of him when he start diging and not show... became a habbit for him...
  7. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    this i can answer... inno events and expecialy syntex one are events that change rules during event is running... only game in wich i saw such thing instead of closing server if something goes wrong and to fix problem and start new event they came with all kind of changes the rules that will...
  8. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    how big youre ego can be if you think if you quit or no somebody care about have fun on normal worlds in speed we will try to win withot you
  9. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    in a real event in winter you quit after 3 days... but fredom of spech give you right to comment about an event that youre not part in
  10. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    i will sell you that shirt beef dont worry :)
  11. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    ED this is an event about winning not a mormal world... and more balance then everyone start in same condition what you expect more? i personal wanted to play worker but if team asked i swiched to duelist. now it seam that their choise was right if you want to blame someone blame youre leaders
  12. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    i think nikos quiy because he was forbiden to dig 6 to 8 battles at day in wich he not atend
  13. Feedback Speedevent - March(ing)!

    gringos for 10 battles...really???
  14. Feedback Fort Balancing Actions

    unbelivabal how many take aby`s crazy ideeas seriously :))))))) i wait for him to make a pool about if need one town or two in each aliance :)))))
  15. Love is in the air <3

    Poem Spune-mi, dacă te-aş prinde-ntr-o zi şi ţi-aş săruta talpa piciorului, nu-i aşa că ai şchiopăta puţin, după aceea, de teamă să nu-mi striveşti sărutul ?… Nichita Stanescu - 1964 - O Viziune a Sentimentelor A Poem Tell me, if I caught you one day and kissed the sole of your foot, wouldn't...
  16. Discussing how we can improve Fort Battle rebalancing

    aby we all understand that you arive in last minute and miss a battle and now you look for retribution dose not metter if you say it in 20 words or 100. youre frustration is evident and please end with this czar nonsense when bouth aliances concils said verry clear that that they ask groober...
  17. Love is in the air <3

    btw on beta is reward for each participant, a can of spinich, just a sugestion
  18. Love is in the air <3

    i love you
  19. Discussing how we can improve Fort Battle rebalancing

    problem is syntex, if you could answer, why you or who did it, took decsion to trow 100 new lvl in one moment and not 20 at each 6 months did you think at FF balance when do you did that because not groober made this situation if yo ask me, the one who took that decision should be evaluated....
  20. Discussing how we can improve Fort Battle rebalancing

    amen to that brother