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  1. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback February Sale

    One set that is kinda better....the other two sets are trash...No need to spend nuggets on any of these imo. Nice link Goober, whatever language that was in :)
  2. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Update 2.191

    One of the better updates in recent times that I have seen. Much better than shop gear, clicky events etc. Let's hope it helps in forting participation.
  3. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Holiday Speed 2022 (premium-free)

    Ditto on the gringos added to my account :) I am not greedy, just one of each.
  4. Kidd Kalypso

    Asking for union officer to be nerfed every day until it's being nerfed

    Meh, nerf this...nerf that. Who really cares? Union has been around for over 2 yrs I believe...so I don't think it will really change. For that matter, nerf Gringo gear( surprisingly the woke crowd has not whined over that word yet.........) grin·go /ˈɡriNGɡō/ noun DEROGATORY•HUMOROUS (in...
  5. Kidd Kalypso

    Separate Construction log and Residents log

    Are there really enough players to warrant the oh so 90 minutes of coding to make this happen? Magic 8-Ball says "Outlook not so good".
  6. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Western Friday 2022

    Cute discount for some old items some may like to have. The problem I have always seen in the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale is the 48 hours. That has always needed to be expanded to be longer. It is a holiday, ergo...peeps are doing their own things instead of worrying over inno sales ;)...
  7. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Update 2.186

    Tbh, use whatever script you want. They have never been traceable.
  8. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Update 2.186

    Are you really surprised Pank?
  9. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback DoD event

    I believe he was just asking why a knife(melee) would have the skill of shooting assigned to it. The correct answer is of course inno are full of innoits :) I am sure it will be fixed in x amount of updates in the future.
  10. Kidd Kalypso

    The West EN Census

    I wonder how many of those level 15 accounts are multis for the dotd event?
  11. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Fort Battle Balancing Event

    And it all becomes a circle of migration that I have been *****ing about for 10+yrs...... If inno wants a few pennies for the passage to a different world, make it a nugget/bond thing. Otherwise, all of the worlds on .net will just wither on the vine.
  12. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Update 2.184

    Since I have not seen a bug free update in 10+ yrs, I am sure that will not come to pass. Things like that are outside of the box thinking, much less within the skill set of this game I fear.
  13. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Fort Battle Balancing Event

    Meh....I for one am glad Goobs is doing something to help the fort scene. For too long pvp has been abandoned...and forts are part of that. Can not comment on W15 stuff, but if their collective feathers are getting ruffled.....just shows he is doing something correct. Keep it up Goobs.
  14. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Update 2.184

    Tease for 2 years on the Big Update........failure to launch. Perhaps Inno needs some Viagra?
  15. Kidd Kalypso

    you must do something with adventures

    Just toss a few npc's to make a match doable....not that hard to code. Oh wait, this is Inno...nvm.
  16. Kidd Kalypso

    The West EN Census

    Nice info, but what I get out of it is this....it truly shows the need of merging world's/migration in order to have a few good ones.
  17. Kidd Kalypso

    M... - Entries for the new world!

    Tom Clancey fan I take it. I would go with.....Meh.
  18. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Oktoberfest 2022

    Allow me to answer this one.... no no and no.
  19. Kidd Kalypso

    Feedback Update 2.182

    Yup, another step backwards. Bravo Inno, bravo.
  20. Kidd Kalypso

    Fort Fighting Suggestions

    All good ideas, a pity none of them will be implemented with the state of development that is going on though :(