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  1. Beefmeister

    Poem to Syntex

    Hello Syntex, my best bud, Gets me banned like every month; From January to December You're my favorite Team member. Every morning I wake up On the forum do my part Thanks for forwarding my feedback Is it so? Well, maybe not... I've been begging for 3 years Union, Gringo, all these gears For...
  2. Beefmeister

    Wiki page update

    When is this page gonna be updated? Isn't it the mods' job to do that? Already halfway through December and nobody seems to have any interest in updating it... https://wiki.the-west.net/wiki/Main_Page
  3. Beefmeister

    Asking for union officer to be nerfed every day until it's being nerfed

    Alright, I wasted about an hour of my life with this... The point of this topic is to show how the current f2p set choice for damagers fairs against the NEW DOTD Ron set...and Union officer which people seem to not wanna nerf at all This is the new DOTD set that is about to come...a trash set...
  4. Beefmeister

    Sector bonus

    Hi, I have a question that's been bugging me for awhile. Please answer only if you're 100% sure. The sector bonus, how is the total defined? Will you get the total sector damage bonus from the guy who has the highest sector damage bonus? Or will you get the sector bonus from the best...
  5. Beefmeister

    Post-battle chat room

    Can we make a post-battle chat room with both defenders and attackers where all the fighters can congratulate each other after the fort fights? (or just insult each other like it is supposed to be), i think it would be interesting. Anyway that's not really a priority...i'd rather have the game...
  6. Beefmeister

    New fort fighting ranking system

    So, as a part-time leader, I always stumbled across some problems when ranking people. That's why people nowadays revolve to ranking onliners as captains and whatever else works for offliners. I kept thinking of a solution with the ranking system in its current state, but it just doesn't seem...
  7. Beefmeister

    Why are mods privileged people

    https://prnt.sc/qriwj4 Since when are patriot weapons available to juarez players? I mean the avatar was an avatar but now he gets an advantage that normal players don't have. I'm really curious who did this good deed and for what possible reason. Thank you guys, really respectful for free to...