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  1. 2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    I see it on every world I play, both on .net servers and on the .gr ones.
  2. Feedback Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2021

    Can we please talk about how bad the Christmas set is? It has already been mentioned numerous times on the beta forum and, unfortunately, nothing's changed. It literally offers nothing useful. Will it remain that way or our bonds/nuggets/money will be thrown in the trash if we get anything from...
  3. Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2020 Feedback

    Even if you're a dueller, just make sure you're more than 15 minutes away from the person you're dueling (or 30 if you have your character premium activated), then you will have to move to where they are.
  4. Advent Calendar 1. Game

    Gremlins ( or Καλικάντζαροι = Kallikantzaroi in Greek)!
  5. My contest entry - Game 2

    YearEvent 2008The West was launched 2009Fort Battles were introduced 2010Market & Trading implemented 2011Pants were introduced 2012The West 2.0 was released 2013The West turned 5! 2014Multiplayer Adventures were introduced 2015Item upgrade added to the game 2016First IFBC event 2017First...
  6. My contest entry - Game 1

    1) Easter 2) Oktoberfest 3) Day of the Dead 4) St. Patrick 5) Independence day
  7. My contest entry - Game 2

    Henry + Mrs. Anderson John + Bella Maya + Calvin Scarlett + Seth
  8. My contest entry - Game 1