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  1. Mrs Sam COlt

    Discussion thread.

    The assumption from the line, is that after jan 8, the results will no longer be available.
  2. Mrs Sam COlt

    Discussion thread.

    The line reads: Results and winners will be published latest until 8th January 2023 The meaning of the sentence is that the results and winners will be published and available UNTIL 8th jan 2023. It does not say that the winners will be published ON 8th January 2023. "Until" means "up to...
  3. Mrs Sam COlt

    Discussion thread.

    Since we are having to wait so long for the results and the prizes, I suggest that the original prizes be changed to an option for all players that submitted and entry, be allowed to chose any one item of their choice for their prize.
  4. Mrs Sam COlt

    Feedback Update 2.184

    Is there a prize for quessing the name of the new Questgiver site? I guess "Sal****er". WOW... I must be right, as the censor changed m entry to asterisks. Please reward me with a sniper rifle {item=50260000] in Idaho world. Thanks
  5. Mrs Sam COlt

    M... - Entries for the new world!

  6. Mrs Sam COlt

    M... - Entries for the new world!

    Moose jaw
  7. Mrs Sam COlt

    M... - Entries for the new world!

  8. Mrs Sam COlt

    Who am I?

    Las Vegas World please
  9. Mrs Sam COlt

    Who am I?

    #1 Bass Reeves #2 Pat Garrett #3 Billy the Kid #4 Geronimo #5 Annie Oakley #6 James Younger #7 is Wyatt Earp
  10. Mrs Sam COlt


    Looking for the Rocket Turtle
  11. Mrs Sam COlt

    Title for Golden Gunners

    How about a title for those that have acquired the SHiny Golden Gun sets? Perhaps "Golden Gunslinger"?
  12. Mrs Sam COlt

    Easter Puzzle Game 1

    15 glasses with paper straws needed, 75 eggs in the basket
  13. Mrs Sam COlt

    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    They have only posted the SET BONUS for the sets, not the skills added by the individual items. The sets have not been added to the WIki yet. Let's hope that the Siringo set has lots of HIDING and AIM.
  14. Mrs Sam COlt

    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    How do we get the new clothing sets? Are they for sale for eggs, nuggets, or as a drop?
  15. Mrs Sam COlt

    International Women's Day - Poetry contest

    Said the Cowboy: Cowgirls without her cowboys, are nothing. Said the Cowgirl: Cowgirls, without her, cowboys are nothing.
  16. Mrs Sam COlt

    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    Perhaps the game could introduce crafted items that could be used in fort battles to take down the fort a few construction points. In a real world fight, the fort would be attacked with fire arrows, or dynamite. The crafted item could be a dynamite bomb, which would be auctionable. The bomb...
  17. Mrs Sam COlt

    Golden Saber, Colt, and Gun set

    After much thought, I think that the Golden Clothes Set could be a drop only from Fort Fighting under very strict conditions. Such as: 2 shiny weapons equipped, min # of hits/dodges, victorious side, online all rounds. The set should be upgradable by obtaining three or more from the drops...
  18. Mrs Sam COlt

    Golden Saber, Colt, and Gun set

    Quests to find the Golden Clothes Set would be fantastic. Golden Coat, Hat, Scarf, etc..... attributes heavy on dueling skills, similar to how the J Cortina set is heavy on Fort fighting skills.
  19. Mrs Sam COlt

    Avantageous proposal for market trading (for upgraded items)

    What if you borrow a level 3 weapon, and use it to upgrade to a level 4? How do you return it?
  20. Mrs Sam COlt

    NEW.proposal to bring the adventures back

    The rewards you can earn from adventures are great, IF you are level 1-50. After that, the dueler, outlaw, and dalton set are outclassed by other sets available in the regular game. I have reduced my play of that game to once a day, from the 8 or more a day I played when I was low level. At...