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  1. Feedback Winter Event 2022

    Could it be the worst event ever? Horrible droprates for snowflakes and I guess I'm not the one with the biggest troubles.
  2. Easter Event 2021 - Feedback

    Worst event ever. Tried numerous times to get Johnny Behan's pants but failed. Other than free spins and 1,5k egg /25 nugget spins I had about 100 9k egg/150 nugget spins. On several of those spins I "won" rare easter chest, energy box or bonds but not Johnny Behan's pants. My conclusion is...
  3. Confirmed Builder's hat is now unauctionable

    Builder's Stetson also has a wrong image in the inventory
  4. Large Heart bag

    Same thing happened to my large bag. No hearts just large bag gone ;)
  5. New Christmas bag event

    How hard can I milk the cows plan ;)
  6. Character changes

    Because someone else says so it doesn't have to be the truth. Give me some evidence that I can use instead. For example new formula contra old formula and tell me why you think tactics was useless before and not now. Are you a soldier yourself?
  7. Character changes

    Do you have any evidence for this allegation?
  8. Character changes

    Changing fundamental stuff for characters like tactics for soldiers should immediately be followed by a character change possibility.
  9. Upgraded items flop?

    No problems so far with upgrades :)
  10. Mega - open recruitment

    If you need a town try Mega - open. :)
  11. Temporary invite

    Looking for a temporary invite from a town that has a Black headband avilable in their Tailor shop or Grey indian necklace in their General store. Will gladly make a donation to the town treasury. I'm present in the lower right corner.