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    NAME SUGGESTION: Rounds in which a building appeared DESCRIPTION SUGGESTION: I propose the appearance of a statistic in the following categories: the top at the end of the adventure with statistics and in the adventure ranking. The statistic sounds as follows: The number of rounds in which a...
  2. Save adventures

    PRO solutions, pro involvement and saving adventures!
  3. proposal to balance the teams in a much better way NEW PROPOSAL !

    NAME SUGGESTION: 100% correct balance in adventures according to this model: DESCRIPTION TIP: I propose a new, much better way of balancing when it comes to forming adventure teams: A maneuvering chat room (at the fort) where after opening it no one can change the weapon and everyone is allowed...
  4. International Women's Day - Poetry contest

    ADVENTURES, FORT or XP Present and involved Always applauded first For a spoiled day He'll sleep all night Not at forts or duels But with me at the HOTEL.
  5. TOMBOSTONE CHEST 100adventures win

    SUGGESTED NAME: Tombostone Chest DESCRIPTION SUGGESTION: Hi. I've collected 15,000+ adventures so far and noticed a very important little thing about them, They have so many benefits since they were made BUT you forgot to highlight them all. adventure chest, Tombostone chest (or whatever you...
  6. update bonus outlaw/cook adventure sets

    Hi. It's a very good idea to keep the outlaw set up through updates, everywhere it comes up. There's also the Tombstone from the tombostone, which can also be brought back into the game, like a golden rifle of adventures, that still bears that name, with upgrades and everything.
  7. Avantageous proposal for market trading (for upgraded items)

    I wanted to say that it is also possible to borrow 1 item. You put it on loan, set the beginning of the auction to as long as you want and wait 1 day. I take the item back, go back to the same market and find it as you find now the items that were auctioned but not sold, click on pick up the...
  8. NEW.proposal to bring the adventures back

    NAME SUGGESTION: proposal to bring the adventures back on a par with all the possibilities offered by the-west to play (Forts / xp / duels ...) DESCRIPTION TIP: At the moment, even in the newest world the -west (this means that the rest is not even a problem to be better) the adventures become...
  9. Avantageous proposal for market trading (for upgraded items)

    NAME SUGGESTION: Advantageous proposal for market trading DESCRIPTION SUGGESTION: I have an advantageous proposal for the market. I propose to appear on the market a possibility to borrow 1 item at the same time which is now for sale: For example, I have a +3 lassou, I put it on the market for a...