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  1. Independence Day 2022

    So finally when is the Independence Day 2022? Should I wait or put him to sleep for the summer?
  2. Feedback Easter Event 2022

    What about the new sets? Does anything worth to play or should I go on vacation mode? I only have wilson for fort fights
  3. Best fort fight gear per character

    Thank you all!!!! I would like to play defense and especially a tank - I have soldier , worker, adventurer and try to find a formula. I thought that wilson is for defense and carl for attack like adams. Cortina is difficult to find - after so many tombola s never got it. Lets hope this year...
  4. Best fort fight gear per character

    Hello- What is the best or at least an acceptable set for fort fights for soldier : adventurer...
  5. My contest entry - Game 1

    event 1 -valentine's day event 2- seven sisters event 3- Day of the Dead event 4- St Patrick day event 5- Independence day
  6. sets for fort battles

    thanks everyone
  7. sets for fort battles

    thanks!!!! any suggestions?
  8. sets for fort battles

    Hello everyone. Are these sets good for fort battles? James Madison Eric Pinter Bass Reeves George Mcjunkin's or the Adventure clothing set? Thanks in advance!
  9. fort battle rank

    thank you very much for your answers
  10. fort battle rank

    Hello everyone. What is the purpose of a rank n fort battles?except the case of leading?