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  1. Feedback Harvest Time 2022

    where to buy torn peice of cloth that is needed for us who have collected all ear both rye and weat ?????
  2. Feedback Easter Event 2022

    getting the 5th eastern painted egg is impossible i´ve spent more than 200 energy on breaking in horses but it don´t drop any eastern painted egg , is it maybe a bug
  3. Feedback Winter Event 2022

    I know but it sucks to have to pay when they could have let us do winterevent 2020 at the same time as when we had the harvest event
  4. Feedback Winter Event 2022

    that really sucks and that goes for all the curling stuff too that have to be baught
  5. Feedback Winter Event 2022

    is it possible to get the icicles needed to get salt in this event ?? And where to find all the the things for curling vdo one have to buy them to make this years event ??????=
  6. harvest festival preparation

    Hur få uppdrag Bakhåll i spökstaden så man kan lösa uppdraget "Efter återhämta sig"??