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  1. John Sibley

    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    The new cinema building is great, the rewards do come in handy, but I find it distasteful that we must watch ads, especially since we already see ads for all these games at the logout page and at the top of the login page etc. I think it would be terrific if they could put in some clips from...
  2. John Sibley

    Do Ghosts Exist?

    Listen, until its proven either way, I'm open to them existing. I've heard lots of reliable, sane people talk about ghostlike experiences, so I'm not going to say that they don't exist. At the same time I'm not saying that they do exist.
  3. John Sibley

    Server Politics

    Its just that this forum seemed a bit empty and boring. Utterly devoid of politics :P
  4. John Sibley

    Server Politics

    Any interesting politics happening on this sever? Or is this just the boring newbie server? ;)
  5. John Sibley

    how to make a town

    Try to get a ghost town with a decent amount of points already.
  6. John Sibley

    The West 2013 or "Quo vadis, Inogames?"

    Inno's main focus right now is on making new games and on their very popular games like Grepolis. The West is just a backwater project, kept alive because people still play it and it still brings in some cash.
  7. John Sibley

    W15 Large Fort Server Problems

    We have re-started ten+ times at silver moon and no hope in sight,
  8. John Sibley

    Bank robbing activity

    I'm all for Neo's Idea, btw this isn't the milti player feature zet was referring to is it ? :)
  9. John Sibley

    Crafting ~ Town Stock

    "Brilliant!!" "Outstanding" Great idea, I'll support this one all the way.
  10. John Sibley

    Sand Creek is looking for members

    We at Sand Creek are very democratic, friendly and helpful, everyone is welcome regardless of class, level or build. All we ask is that you be active. To Join contact General Stix or myself.
  11. John Sibley

    yo mama jokes

    Yo momo is so fat that when she walking if front of the TV you miss 3 episodes!
  12. John Sibley

    What class are you doing?

    I'm going pure builder untill I run out of town/forts to build then wil re-spec to fort fighter.
  13. John Sibley

    County Taxes

    I like this idea, 5 stars, SUGGESTION: Just the taxes are collected by the town treasury of the town that owns the large fort.
  14. John Sibley

    News anout 1.32 from TWtimes 01.07.2011

    Wow, nice Joxer. Thanks a lot, decoding the Times is something quite time consuming.
  15. John Sibley

    What is your opinion on "abortion" ??

    As long as there has been people there has been a "fad" of killing children, In ancient times it was human we'd think of that as utterly cruel. A while later in the times of the Greeks, Spartans took it upon themselves to kill all their "weak" kids...Once again we'd frown on...
  16. John Sibley

    Classic world

    in other words take everything thats fun out and make a world that is a dull as can be... no.
  17. John Sibley

    Redress of Grievances

    I agree with you on some of that, 1. I am very happy that the GG stack is gone. 2. I do not mind if Inno wants to make money and I understand them well,as a business they need to make money to cover their costs. As long as it is still fair to the people who don't buy nuggets,for this reason the...
  18. John Sibley

    Funny Pic Thread

  19. John Sibley

    Are You Superstitious?

    My theory is that when I move I get better hits on worlds where I have more stamina, in worlds where I have more Hiding I shoot better standing, My superstitions :)
  20. John Sibley

    Submitted Minor Ideas #13

    100% Yes. 1.Yes 2.Yes 3.Yes 4.Yes 5.Yes 6.YES 7.Yes 8.Yes 9.Yes 10.Yes