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  1. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 14. Game

    Howdy ! I consider that to this answer, the cake or the cake is correct, because we are referring to a preparation made then, otherwise the longest could be for some sausages or certain steaks that are marinated ... 1-2-3 days ... .meat marinated, dried and smoked that would last a long time. A...
  2. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 24. Game

    Howdy ! I sent $ 13,230 to yoyo 131, in the world of Arizona, with the tax off the city. Before choosing it, I searched the chat for a player with a smaller lvl.
  3. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 23. Game

    Silent Night
  4. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 22. Game B2 - 2015 B6 - 2013 C5 - 2018 D1 - gift D6 - 2020 E1 - gift 2k19 ? E4 - gift 2k20
  5. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas crackers owe their crack to a compound called silver fulminate. This compound has the molecular formula AgCNO, and can be prepared relatively simply by reacting concentrated nitric acid with silver and ethanol.
  6. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 19. Game

    Wondering about the beginning of the legend of the bayberry candle? Hundreds of years ago, when colonial families settled in New England, they began taking care of the chores that needed to be done to set up their homes. Most of these chores fell to the women. Women were in charge of making the...
  7. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 18. Game

    hat: Santa's hat hat (2013) necklace: Santa's necklace (2020) clothes: from Nicolas' set (2015) trousers: from the dwarf set (2017) belt: from Nick's set (2019) shoes: from Ded Moroz's set (2016) duel weapon: the christmas corner from the set of christmas ghosts (2014) Strength Gun: Allan...
  8. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 17. Game

    Poland, England, Germany
  9. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 16. Game

    In the early 17th century, Christians in Europe began adopting the use of Christmas trees during their Christmas holidays. Trees were often decorated with foods such as biscuits and sometimes candy. The original Christmas tree candy was a straight, completely white cane. Candy Stick becomes a...
  10. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 15. Game

    more: (ginger)bread, (snow)man, (candle)s.....and
  11. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 15. Game - found 11
  12. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 13. Game

    Howdy ! The only song that comes to mind is "O Come, All Ye Faithful" as the English version, and analyzing it we will see that it is derived from the Latin anthem Te Deum laudamus. Lyrics 1. Oh, come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphant! Oh, come ye, oh come ye to Bethlehem. Come and...
  13. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 12. Game

    In the American tradition In a strange, even crazy tradition, Americans are used to decorating their Christmas tree, among other ornaments, with a glass one with the shape and color of a pickle! This is usually the last ornament caught on the branches of the Christmas tree, and the first child...
  14. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 11. Game

    The 2 bugs are: 1. The appearance of an island that originally did not exist in the game. 2. Lack of the 2 fir trees that are found in the game in the indicated area.
  15. Allan Quatermain

    Advent Calendar 7. Game