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  1. Duelling Formula Feedback Thread

    Well, my adventurer has been wearing gear that gives me 7 dodge exactly, because I can barely qualify for that job. Still, the number of hits I get in my green zone on dodging are almost noen. I said none last post, but looking back tjoroughly in this period it gets through once in about every...
  2. Duelling Formula Feedback Thread

    Something is definetily weird, if random isn't what it's all about now. My 0-dodge adventurer, which means I get attacked with dodging skills between 0 and about 45, usually around 7) almost never gets hit in the green zones anymore. But all hits in my red zones are also hitting in the last half...
  3. bad drop from grave robbing

    I know you play on the same world as I do, after I found the key, I have had 2 drops on Grave robber in total. In about 25-30 hrs with full holiday set. All other luck jobs yields almost every third hour, not every 15th.
  4. La Nueva Bahía (The Original La Bahia)

    I have been visiting on several occasions, but all you ever do is serve me coffee and send me away? :)
  5. Worlds update to Expanded Premium

    Out of context dude. This was an old comment for when we had 2hr jobs and 20 motivation rise pr day. Of course it could be done, but it became harder.
  6. 1.30 minor updates?

    Actually, I think they did. I was i a battle in a medium fort yesterday, it was a full battle, and lots of people getting over 800xp. Not one of those who spoke after the fight or posted in the forum had more than one, me included. One fight is not enough to be sure, but at least it's the...
  7. Worlds update to Expanded Premium

    Yeah, will be fun when trying to get the transport ammo motivation under 30. :) this is exactly how I like it, no energy refill and no buying skills, but 1h jobs. Except we still have 2 h jobs. It also bothers me a bit that I have used about 125k in-game money to reskilll back and forth to get...
  8. 1.3 feedback

    Has the update killed all the high end items in fortbattles, or do people still get the best named items? I got some really expensive pants, buying price 20k+, but nothing that can't be bought.
  9. Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    He is talking about this part, and this premise of your guide: It's wrong. You have to be a twin? If my meaning was that hard to get, I will spoonfeed it to you. Before we used equipment with hiding in defense and Stamina in offense. It's still the same, as stamina is still useless in...
  10. Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    and how is this different from before?
  11. Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    Yeah, but the big thing about this thread was how the skills were used. And when it seems they were correct anyhow, the builds posted are a bit off and whatever the total bonuses are we will still use the same equipment as before. :)
  12. Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    Which means it was correct all along, just as it was then? Ah well.....
  13. Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    Wow, all this is really impressive work!! Please give us the heads up when you find out for sure how stamina and hiding works, okay?
  14. Abandoned Scripts - old and deprecated thread Anyone knows anything about the script on tha page? I like it for fortfights and for it's max speed thing, plus some other functions.
  15. Revenge Dueling: Defying space and time

    Read his post. He says that he left a place two hours ago, arrived at the new spot, and works there. Then someone who initiated a duel(could be a loooong time ago) when he was at his old place will hit him there. When he wants to retaliate he finds that he is 2 hrs away from where he was just...
  16. Dueling: Dodging

    How do you know it works like this? Is there anywhere the mechanics of dueling is explained? I'd like to know them.
  17. Fort Battle Builds Guide

    The only real answer for that is 1 more than the damage you receive. :) As much as you want to put in there, really. You will last longer, but never forever.
  18. Harassment

    Yeah, well, I've pretty much figured this out. So I should basically just pump my dueling skills? I understand he needs to level, but I think he should duel against his own level, or closer, and not keep attacking the same player. Harassment might be a wrong word, but there's enough players to...
  19. Harassment

    There's a player attacking me as often as he can it seems, he is 4-5 levels above me. Anyone got tips for me how to stop it? What to do really? All tips are welcome.