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  1. New world - choose a name

    Kody - simples. :-)
  2. New bug at the quest 'burning spirit of the past'

    The stones have been replaced by pebbles and I have met the other requirements of "Quickly, Wake Up!" but still can't complete. :-(
  3. Confirmed Finding Mr Easter Bunny ~ No Crcked Egg

    Will there be an announcement when this is fixed or do we have to keep trying every day just in case?
  4. Need Help ( Finding thomas )

    Is there any real benefit in completing this quest? Walking around the world for hours on end and providing a pony and slingshot for a measly 200 experience points doesn't seem worth it to me.
  5. When are stats checked for a job?

    If your labor points are checked at the beginning, end and possibly middle too, it makes using premium Automation a bit of a waste of time. It's difficult enough finding two jobs that you can do in the most efficient way with the same inventory, let alone four!
  6. Are you paying for Premium ?

    Not too poor to have a computer internet connection though ...:laugh: I don't pay for premium - never paid premium for any online game, but thanks to all of you that do. Without you the games wouldn't exist!:D