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  1. Bitter Lemon

    Feedback Update 2.169

    I´m very happy about 10.000 adventures. :lovetw:
  2. Bitter Lemon

    War in Ukraine

    Yes, I see these pictures every day. I cry every day because it touches me so deeply. Yes, I have already donated. But a company like InnoGames also helps, even in real life. And we as a community together with InnoGames can help even more. That is my idea. A set, maybe with the skill "peace...
  3. Bitter Lemon

    War in Ukraine

    Please no war here in our forum.
  4. Bitter Lemon

    War in Ukraine

    I am pleased that InnoGames is taking a clear position in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and is actively and financially helping the Ukrainian population. :up: I also have an idea about this. How about a new set in the colours light blue and yellow? I don't care what skill this set could have. It...
  5. Bitter Lemon

    International Women's Day - Poetry contest

    I am from germany and my english is not good. I watch television and I suffer with the women with the mothers with the daughters, who lose their husbands, fathers, sons in the war. Women, stay strong! (I know, offtopic, without Wild West thematic, but importely)
  6. Bitter Lemon

    War in Ukraine

    I am glad that InnoGames has reconsidered its position. For those who can't read Facebook, I share this post with you here. Dear players, Over the last days we are all watching with great sorrow the destructive effects of the...
  7. Bitter Lemon


    Yes, for me it's all about finding new ways. None of my ideas are perfect, but you can think about them and find ways together.
  8. Bitter Lemon


    No, I´m a soldier with full hp skill, all red and hp. I don't think there will be many fewer bonds as a result. How else can you make the fort battles full again? It is precisely because of the unfair distribution that adventurers, for example, completely lose interest. But yes, you are also...
  9. Bitter Lemon


    I noticed the following today. I did a fort fight in de10: 2 against 2. At the end there were 15 Bonds reward. In another fort battle, where the fort was full in attack and defence, I got 17 bonds. That is totally unfair. I should never have received so many bonds in a "fake battle". Rather...
  10. Bitter Lemon

    Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    Believe me, I know, I know how much work it takes. ;)
  11. Bitter Lemon

    Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    No, I have no understanding for that. Look at the German forum, the Advent calendar there was much more creative and elaborate and the evaluation (solution, announcement of winners and prize distribution) was always ready one day later. This is what it looks like when supporters like to work...
  12. Bitter Lemon

    Advent Calendar 24. Game

    Las Vegas to Kakerlak
  13. Bitter Lemon

    Advent Calendar 23. Game

    silent night holy night
  14. Bitter Lemon

    Advent Calendar 22. Game

    E1 D1 B2 E4 C5 B6 D6
  15. Bitter Lemon

    Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    Can you please build Fort Awesomia? Wall and towers to level 5? That would be fairer in the fortbattle.
  16. Bitter Lemon

    Advent Calendar 21. Game

  17. Bitter Lemon

    Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas crackers
  18. Bitter Lemon

    Advent Calendar 19. Game

    Being from New England
  19. Bitter Lemon

    Second golden key

    First you go to Eastern Junction and resolve these quests. Than you can picking oranges.