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  1. WanderingStranger


    Welcome to Galveston everyone. I am your unofficial greeter, WS. A little bit about me. I have over 5.5 years playing. For the last 2.5 or so I have been a pure builder and generally retired. I am going to start fort fighting again on this world and for the first time ever I may even try some...
  2. WanderingStranger

    Revert building times back to 1 hour as default.

    Idea title: Revert building times back to 1 hour as default. Details of idea: Build times used to have a default of 1 hour and should be returned to 1 hour instead of the recently change of 30 minutes. 1 hour is much more used and useful for the normal player. Visual Aid: Optional, None Reasons...
  3. WanderingStranger

    Your Thoughts On W16

    Having been around when 15 started, w16 seems a lot more slow paced. We do appear to have a lot less people than w15 also (not sure if we will manage to fill a large attack for a long time). Dueling is a much more popular pastime than it was. With reduced travel time the dueler bonus is over...
  4. WanderingStranger

    London Cowboys and London Rangers Seeking Members.

    We just expanded to a second town and are looking to finish filling out both. We are active with several allies and even just friends. We actively help our friends in fort battles as a few can attest. We are willing to teach you and have no problem with questions. Currently we are looking...