Forum Rules

  • English only, limit other languages to well known quotes or provide a correct translation.
  • Anything deemed politically extreme, racist, sexist, pornographic, unlawful or unsavory in any way is prohibited.
  • Phrases, images or links deemed, by the administration, to be widely accepted as profane are also prohibited.
  • Treat each other with respect and remain polite. No personal insults or flames will be tolerated.
  • Do not spam, 'troll' or go off-topic in a discussion. This includes one word posts such as "agreed", which should be voiced through the reputation system.
  • Side conversations and arguments between two people should be held in private via the Private Messaging system (or other means) to avoid leading a thread off-topic.
  • Do not rebuke another user for their spelling and grammar. Please report the post if the contents become illegible.
  • Infringing on, or disruption of, Innogames' commercial activities is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the linking to other browser games, advertising with no connection to Innogames, referrer IDs, and the creation or use of "spam accounts."
  • Spoilers to secret game content are not permitted anywhere outside the designated forum.
  • Do not include any copyrighted material in your posts.
  • Some forums may have additional rules pertaining to the specific forum. Please be sure to read and understand these.
  • In World forums, "Politics & Propaganda" is allowed when a thread contains the P&P prefix. The idea of P&P is to adopt your character's persona and spread 'information', ideas and rumors to promote yourself and defame your enemies. Any flames or insults outside of character are strictly forbidden.
    • Allowed Example: Town A is full of noobs who can't shoot straight.
    • Disallowed Example: Player B lives in his mother's basement and has a court ordered psychiatrist.
  • The maximum image size allowed is 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high in dimension, no larger than 512 kilobytes in size, and must comply with all stated rules. Animated images are permitted, but no larger than 100 by 100 pixels.
  • Avatars can be no larger than 80 by 80 pixels, no animations.
  • Profile Pictures can be no larger than 100 by 100 pixels, no animations.
  • Signatures can be no larger than 700 pixels wide by 120 pixels high, no animations. Click here for more help.
  • Please follow all instructions from our moderation team.
  • If you notice your post is missing, please do not repost the material. Instead, contact the relevant moderator, via Private Message, to assist you in locating your post or to discuss the reason for its removal.
  • Do not impersonate, insult, berate, or harass the moderators. They are players who have volunteered to assist in managing this community and should be respected for their willingness to step up.
  • Do not create public posts, regarding moderation, without permission from the moderating staff. Instead, direct all comments, inquiries and complaints to the relevant moderator via a polite Private Message. If your query is not satisfactorily answered you may direct them to a Sheriff or Marshal. If you are still unsatisfied you may contact one of the Community Managers.
  • If your account is banned for any reason, do not register or access a second account. Users found evading their temporary ban will have their ban extended by one month. Any attempt to evade a permanent ban will result in ingame penalties.
  • Do NOT publicly discuss ingame bans, forum bans, infractions or notices.
  • All moderators are volunteers recruited, from the player base, by the Community Managers. See our Moderation Info for details in regards to moderation.

  • Do not use the Private Message system to scam or harass other users.
  • All other forum rules apply to private communications. I.e. Private Messages and reputation comments. Please report any offending comments to a Sheriff.
  • All of our Forum Guidelines apply to the rules. Users persistently breaking these guidelines will be punished.
  • If you are unsure whether or not something is in breach of these rules, please contact a moderator before posting it.
  • Players who deliberately act against the building of a community will be denied access to these forums.
  • We reserve the right to impose penalties, even if no stated forum rule has been violated.