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  1. Update Feedbacks - 2.119

    Apparently adding this potion into the shop for 400 nuggets is within a limited skill set of the people that INNO employs to still work on this game. To implement some of the ideas the players have been putting forward or to fix some of the stuff that is really broken right now (fort fight...
  2. Spooky fort battle review

    any particular reason why on .net servers the extra prizes for special battles differ so much from for example polish servers? Today on Colorado we got 1000 flowers while today on polish server they got 4500? Is this some kind of discrimination or are we on .net just worth 1/4 of polish players?
  3. ownable Awesomnia fort

    the fort in the middle of the map is being used for event fort fights dug by mods on many other worlds but .NET thus it cannot be owned by anyone else but mod towns. Since those event forts fights do happen very regularly on other worlds with many special prizes for players, i doubt very much...
  4. Update Feedbacks - 2.111

    Are you in a rush? Enjoy the event-less pace while it lasts.
  5. Save us, Kuro....

    Must be all those KPI's that you guys monitor that have told you that we all can't fit into existing worlds anymore. ;)
  6. New world - choose a name

    "just another nail in the coffin" - for existing worlds that are on their last breath due to lack of players. Well done, splendid idea.
  7. Oktoberfest 2019 discussion

    why is there a potion of new beginning in very rare category. People asked for it to be removed, it was removed from beta but yet on open servers we are stuck with it. Do we really have to go down on our knees and kiss your feet for it to disappear?
  8. Fill the gap

    Against it. I much prefer to gather xp as i have no guarantee that inno will keep lvl 150 as the max you can achieve especially when more and more players reach that level. So again, no thank you for wisdom potions, bonds or nuggets or whatever. XP works for me.
  9. Colorado down

    Hi, i did try clearing the cache and disabling all add- ons as per your suggestion (shift+ctrl+delete) and everything is back working like the way it should. What was strange was while i could not use firefox with or without addons to log in to Colorado, everything was working fine to log in...
  10. Colorado down

    Unable to login to Colorado using firefox with scripts switched on. After switching them all off, same problem persists. I can log in without any problems using chrome on which i have no scripts installed. Stuck on the loading screen as shown :
  11. Adventures discussion and feedback

    With all duel respect Apel. I don't think that most that have commented here after the removal of the xp potion are against the idea of it being removed but rather about the way it has been done AGAIN. You guys should have had all the knowledge and data that you desired from running...
  12. Adventures discussion and feedback

    that shows exactly why people played adventures whether one likes it or not and it also shows how difficult it may be to replace the potions and get the adventure numbers up again.
  13. Adventures discussion and feedback

    let's be perfectly honest here. Inno made a huge mistake by offering the xp potion especially at such a low price and we all got spoiled by it. Most people played adventures not because they love this one available map so much, they did not play adventures because they loved people that quit...
  14. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Lets face it, eventhough i was not a fan of an xp potion from the start being available in the shop, especially for 500 vet points, right now you may as well get rid of vet points alltogether. We all know how many people buy mojo with vet points and as far as loot chest for 5000 points, it was a...
  15. adventures keeps crashing

    Are you able to place yourself in an adventure queue? yes Are you transported to the adventure lobby? Rather quickly or does it take time? it appears slighlty longer today Do you need to exit the queue and rejoin before you can join an adventure? no Do you experience any freezing while...