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  1. Discussion The West Stats

    Does anyone know how does the job calculator on west-db works ? I go to tools, copy/paste the script but how does it tell me which items to choose for which job, etc etc etc
  2. Hunting Grizzlys. What level did you unlock it?

    Thanks LOBO, most appreciated ;)
  3. Hunting Grizzlys. What level did you unlock it?

    Is there a special quest once you have completed all the hunt jobs ? I remember someone mentioning it but ages ago....
  4. Website – job and fort battle clothing calculator

    You need to have your inventory open, and the script will work fine.
  5. Attributes/Skills calculator

    Hello everyone, do you know of a skills/attributes calculator ? I got some 20points in skills that are just there. While many calculators tell you about what to use from your inventory, none that I know advises on how to distribute your skills and attributes. I just keep on buying items and...
  6. Website – job and fort battle clothing calculator

    Thanks, I am going to use this for a battle, hope it is good ;) Although it seems to focus on the "shooting" while the west FAQ says that u should increase ur "aim" . Is that the same thing in fort battles ?
  7. Discussion The West Stats

    WOW westinsider rocks, a lot more accurate then weststats although the layout is not great. But I compared both now, and some jobs that I can do, appear as not doable on weststats while they are accurate on westinsider !!!!!! Does anybody else have a similar situation ?
  8. left hand weapons

    There is a whole new list of weapons appearing for the left hand. But there is no info on !!!! Do these weapons work only in Fort ? or would they work in duels too ?
  9. Loosing Kate's wedding Ring !!!!

    Well, it worked :D Took my weapon away and suddenly the quest with the ring appeared again. Had to wait till today, managed to beat the thing after few trials. Got the cash and deposited the money and continued with the next duel, first with fist then with a weapon and I managed to finish it...
  10. Loosing Kate's wedding Ring !!!!

    I was short on the silver, so did several hrs mining , got dueled and put my weapon back on and totally forgot that I need to be without a weapon to do the exchange. When I went back to the saloon, I could never see the ring on offer, waited until the next Wed, still no ring on offer. So I...
  11. Town Hall lvl effect

    west stats dosen't say anything, just that town hall is for admin. based on the experience of those professional players, is there any point to spend on the town hall initially or beyond lvl 5 ? Just want to know which is the best allocation of effort and time/money; we r not that many in...
  12. Town Hall lvl effect

    So what is exactly the effect of the town hall lvl ? example: Town Hall lvl 3 and Town Hall lvl 5 All I found was that it reduces contruction by 5 points for each lvl. So if Hotel needs 200pts for next lvl, if my Town Hall is lvl 3 then the hotel upgrade will only require... 185 points ...
  13. New Player

    The link is void ! I have a newbie question: sometimes when you are working, it shows that you are picking whatever or doing the posters, but then after a while,it shows you are doing nothing. Does this mean I should stop the work? or let it run until the 2hrs end or whatever time I set?
  14. New Player

    Another new player I would like to join as well, although I have no idea how this is done !!!!!!! But I like this game so far.