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    The Guild of Master Craftsmen

    Town Name: Crafters Guild Town Rank: Just founded (expect top 100 easily) Town Points: Just founded (above 77000 very soon) What classes are required: Any class welcome Number of Open Positions: Just founded (49 very soon) The main goal of the guild is to help those that are interested in...
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    Market- cash out to bank without a fee

    Don't say that or someone may think about raising the fee.
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    Rush on Tombstone

    I play in Briscoe and all seems fine. I use fire fox
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    Rest Area - Top 10 town

    Town Name: Rest Area Town Rank: TOP 10 Town Points: 801891 What classes are required: Builders (but others also welcomed) Number of Open Positions: 49 Town Descriptions: This town is located right next to Ghost Town which makes it a strategic point. All construction done on the church...
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    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: xxflip World: Briscoe (en14) Level: 130 Class: Soldier Profession: Saddle Master Health Points: 1705-4300 Are you skill for Fort Battles: skilled as dueler, not reskilling Online/Offline: Online for most Leader/Entrant: Entrant
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    Just Do It!

    Doing whatever you want whenever you want is not freedom. Freedom is everybody being able to do so without depriving others from the same choice. And that is not easy!
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    Westgate Run

    Town Name: Westgate Run Town Rank: 1583 Town Points: 5021 What classes are required: All classes accepted but workers are preferred. Where to contact:Send message to 'xxflip' or 'shamus1969' Town Descriptions: We aim to create a nice community around this town. A place for players to learn...