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    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    So basically what you've done is instead of being transparent on what's allowed and what's not and maintaining a list, you re-worded the rule with such ambiguity that nobody will ever know if they're allowed or not to use them. This went from management/development team literally offering you...
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    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    If you mean the one on the forum then no, it's probably not up to date. If you mean the one we've hosted over on GitHub then it's probably up to date. The org currently has 8 people in it (and anyone is free to join), anyone can update the list at any time.
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    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions There you go. I was a moderator at the time of making that list, this is the closest you'll ever get to having an official list. LE: Reading the new rule again - it kind of sounds like *no* scripts will be allowed in...
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    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    There's plenty of things that can be used as insults - it doesn't mean that their core definitions are meant to be insulting, njub. Being inexperienced is NOT an insult, we all have to start somewhere. The game's been around for like 11 years and I doubt it had any new players in the past...
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    How Long Until ...

    ...which has happened before in the gaming industry. I believe it was Treyarch (one of the Call of Duty developers) gave up on using Swastikas in their games (Call of Duty World War 2 had no Swastikas f.ex) - they also renamed their mod "Nazi Zombies" to just "Zombies". Also this game is not...
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    World re-branding

    Oh yeah, I'm aware of that :p.
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    World re-branding

    One wacky idea I've had in the past is having temporary regular servers, instead. The way I see it, it would give the game a purpose. Right now there's close to no purpose in game after you've reached max level (other than picking berries and trading with Indians). I've been playing Call of...
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    Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    Technically this thread is the only list of "allowed" UserScripts (Since I was a moderator at the time of making it) - and anything else that's not here is considered "illegal". 2nd one of which list lol.
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    Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    Yikes, all of those are mine. You can find the URLs (for most of them) here: I'm not maintaining this list anymore, maybe some forum moderator can do it instead.
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    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    That's something that depends on each person within the group, I can't force anyone to do anything :p. My idea was to have all scripts in one place, and have a flat hierarchy, as in everyone can contribute to everything (pretty much what open sourcing is supposed to be) - and that's what we...
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    y'all really need to start posting these w/o making me log in to see the image :p
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    The West Avatars V3.0

    This hasn't stopped them in the past, doubt it'll stop them now. Keep in mind that one of the "personalised avatars" they've given away, is literally an image from Assassin's Creed but mirrored.
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    Original avatars

    Then make the post as a suggestion instead of whinging about it being unfair that a mod has the avatar? :p
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    Original avatars

    I agree with this guy. I mean, if moderators are able to ban people and do all kinds of stuff, I believe everyone should do that. If moderators get monthly nugget payment for their duties, I believe everyone here should get free nuggets. Right? Oh, and let's not forget Christmas presents, which...
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    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    Oh lol, right. What a show that was. FeelsWeirdMan. There's a discord server? How come I wasn't invited, boo. It's been a lost cause for years my dude. For some reason some of us thought that can change something and failed miserably. I am genuinely amazed to see people still pay for this...