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  1. New repeatable day of the dead

    In-game name: william todd Affected worlds: Alamogordo and Dakota, so far Browser: chrome Type of Bug: repeatable holiday quest day of the dead Description: the quest list is 7 tomatoes, cloth, berries and puma skin but shining shoes is supposed to be the next quest but it stops with fool's...
  2. candied orange and fish in newspaper

    is the halloween quest candied orange and stinky fish, trick or treat quest repeatable, I can't get them to drop. I did them last year?
  3. honey and distillate

    what jobs do i need to do to find the honey and distillate needed for "summer time" thanks
  4. White Fabric and White Wreaths

    white fabric and white wreaths, where to find?
  5. Learn all Crafts

    I'll give a reason we should be able to learn all crafts, when new quests are created that requires you to have a pan, paper or a jug of water and on 4 different worlds I checked not a single jug of water then if you can find it on the market what kind of outrageous price will it be 10k or 20k...
  6. Duel protection for nuggets

    there is already something like this and it cost me nothing it's called going "townless"
  7. almighty brown tie, sword of 1000 truths and Geronimo's pepperbox revolver

    I as well would like the option of selling it, maybe it should be made sellable for 1 dollar so people, like me who wish to get rid it, be allowed to
  8. Bounties information

    there is a quest where you must make 5 wanted posters, not duel just make 5 posters and with this quest most people will make a poster for the lowest level person that belongs to a town for the reason that it's the least expensive way.
  9. Newbie Question on Adventurer (Trapping spec)

    word of advice be careful of pure builds a pure trapper build will not allow you to get the golden weapons unless you respec and trust me it adds up to a lot of gold I rerspeced to get the golden gun and saber, then to get the rifle, I needed a lot of points in swimming for a quest and I had too...
  10. new Sleepyhead items

    right now we are missing a sleepyhead riding animal and pants. so two new simple mid-level(50) quests for a big fluffy sheep and leggings. the quests can be determined later if people are interested completed sleepy set
  11. New world

    a new world will have zero level 1 event sets
  12. Investigating Problems since updating Google Chrome

    i have google chrome and my problem after trial and error seems to be it hangs on the loading screen and i need to refresh to finish loading
  13. Builders Need More Work...

    world wonders. this could be a contest between worlds as examples trans-continental railroad people of that world donate picks, shovels, iron and wood the first world to complete gets 250 bonds, 2nd place gets 100 and 3rd 50 bonds all worlds get 25 bonds for finishing. another example would the...
  14. world to world money tranfer

    is it possible to transfer money from one world to yourself on another world?
  15. Fairbanks is 1 year old

    on a related note el dorado is world 17 and fairbank is 19, what happened to world 18?