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  1. New world - choose a name

    Jefferson Whynot Earp - Galveston
  2. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    4 codes now :D
  3. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    yeah i used to hate these bonus codes, but today oh wow i got 3 from 3 so happy days :p
  4. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    i actually got wrong codes, and redeemed an old one and got fancy silk cylinder hat lol
  5. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    ssssh asdf lol
  6. Why Force People To Adventer?

    I agrre no one should feel forced into them, the ones that quit once it does start should be banned from adventures for a month, something should also be done about those that delibertly sdhoot their team mates, not sure if that can be sorted though. allow those that need to do them for quests...