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  1. Adventures discussion and feedback

    would love to see it addressed from "above"
  2. Adventures discussion and feedback

    i know you can have 2 different toon names as long as they arent on the same world.... is there a feature that prevents both toons from signing up for advents at the same time? i.e. playing yourself? a few folks seem suspicious
  3. adventures - minimum level requirement

    tw has level requirements for a variety of things, and i believe the purpose it to try to have players familiarize themselves with the game to a minimal degree. i think such familiarization would help in adventures to figure out even the most basic of logistics, graphics, hp, etc (it surely...
  4. adventures - minimum level requirement

    So I know this has been discussed a few times, but I wasnt able to find a thread on here.... Any chance we could submit a request to have a minimum level requirement for adventures like there is for Fort Fights? All day long very low levels have been showing up with no weapons and no clue...
  5. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Agreed. And many of them don't speak english :/
  6. Bonds...?

    An assumption would be that the reward is still active this year, given that it was not stated anywhere (i.e. lack of proof)..... as·sump·tion noun
 a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
  7. Bonds...?

    It was phrased as a question in my post. Now I have to assume things and I am chastised for clarifying?
  8. Bonds...?

    no bond rewards for going over the top level of flower rewards this year? i didnt see it mentioned anywhere.... but didnt see it specifically negated anywhere either...:D
  9. Bonds...?

    And the fact of this matter is all the more reason it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY for bonds to be used in future events....
  10. Bonds...?

    Yea... remember those "special rewards" given out from the Pirate/CTF events, hire a NPC (sofa, mctubby), etc..... What good are they? Inno lets us use them for events for a year, gives bonds as "special prizes" then takes the ability to use them for events away? I think its pretty clear that...
  11. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: whoswho World: Dakota Level: 130 Class: Soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: Approx 20k (dressed + premium) Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Plan to reskill upon migration (premium soldier) Online/Offline: Mostly online Leader/Entrant: Entrant
  12. Regarding Keno

    The odds of winning are independent of the number of entrants (for keno 1 anway)....
  13. Regarding Keno

    also.... if my math is correct, the chances of winning are REALLY low: 1st Place - 0.00003125% chance 2nd Place - 0.000625% chance 3rd Place - 0.0125% chance 4th Place - 0.25% chance 5th Place - 5% chance Who would want those odds? O_o
  14. Regarding Keno

    i would like to participate, but this seems pretty darn complicated.... my feedback: keep it simple ;)
  15. Bad Lag

    i had the same problem.... type and it should work (include www) ;)