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  1. Market Buying and Selling

    I would really appreciate someone putting the blacksmith recipe "Create Modern Armor" up for auction. Thank you for your time.
  2. 1.36 world migration - discussion

    W6 - 631
  3. Are You Looking for a Town

    InGame Name: Waysted Character Level (XP/XP):50 Current Residency: none Highest Attribute:Strength 1st Highest Skill:Construction Intended Character Build: Pure Build Declared Intentions:Help build a fort or town
  4. biggest fort battle

    The Mine. Not 128x128 but real count128 att..112 def(my counting is terrible :) ) BUt a very cool battle! 45 Rounds 51 minutes long with only 23 defenders left standing. Cant wait to do it again!
  5. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    Show me in this thread(or anywhere else) where i have insulted anyone? And califonria is cheap right now. YOu better hurry.
  6. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    If you think he is squirming you would buy both. If you think im squirming over ANYTHING you say or do..i can get california thrown into that deal. As far as swinging from ARE terrible at hiding insults. You need to take a couple lessons from Smitten. :)
  7. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    Just for reference. If you really believe ANYTHING you do makes KK squirm.. Wanna buy a bridge? I can get ya a good deal on Ohio. Waysted
  8. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    Thats some serious hostility you have built up there mate. It seems you have KK mixed up with someone else. The KK i know wouldnt want to be the "center" of anything. Except quite possibly the center of a dueling circle. He had an idea. Others agreed with this idea. you seem to be having a...
  9. The Alliances.Lets change that.

    Couple problems with this idea. First what about naps?(non-aggression pacts?) Second Trade alliances. The BIG benifit with allies is the shared trade. The military side is secondary. So you would have a BUNCH of 3 member allies napped and trade allies with a bunch of other 3 member...
  10. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    But isnt it up to the leadership to control the duelers? If you let you duelers run wild you endanger your workers/adventurers. There has to be accountability for both sides. The real problem with any war is the innocents are always the ones that pay the most. The people declaring war should...
  11. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    I appreciate your posts mate. They show much thought. I DO NOT LIKE HITTING WORKERS. But your town declared war on mine. In war their are casualties on both sides. I will also add there is NO way to be noble during a fight the battles you can win and call in the allies for the ones you...
  12. The Ride of the Marshals - Sin City and Las Vegas burn

    And you are talking about world 4. It seems on 8 people hit whomever is the easiest target for the most experince..i.e..workers. Good to see you hitting "up" to get exp. ALOT of the duelers for certain towns on 8 duel nobody they cant beat with ease. And btw i think KK was trying to prove a...
  13. Dueling Ethics ~ Please all give your opinions

    I would also like to point out this is the age of the "cheat". ALOT of gamers look for the easy way to win. Its a fact of life it seems. Very sad.
  14. Dueling Ethics ~ Please all give your opinions

    How could an honorable action such as this be unethical? MM it IS a great idea! My experience with on-line games is that human nature rules supreme. If a person CAN break a rule ALOT of people will do it. A way to check for power leveling is to display on a characters info sheet how many...
  15. Dueling!

    For some reason i like that duel! Marshal Waysted